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August 21, 2023 12:53 AM - Season 11, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Bender uncovers the mysteries of the vast Momazon corporation.
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Some signs and tiny text:
Uncle Wilty's: Sun-Withered Cabbages and Sun-Ripened Manure
Off Brand Names: Nikie, Goochie, Disnye
Things that everyone else but you has; Things that are broken; Rand-o-Book;

- Also Consider: 30 Minute Warranty
- You Will Need: Hanger Repair Kit
- Did You Mean: Hangar, Hunger, Hangry, Handlebar
- Throwing Stars: **, ***, ****, * * *
- Explore More Junk: Lousy Gifts, Cheaply Made, Breaks Easily, Choking Hazard, Made From Bones, Literal Garbage, No Refunds

Shoe Caddy (Securish transaction. Monopolized by: Momazon)
- Also Consider: Golf Caddies
- Equally Shoddy: Sock Display Rack
- Shoe Fresheners: Pine Bark, Summer Tire, Bakersfield Fudge, Tuscan Bologna
- Starfish Packs: *, **, ***, ****
- Related Crap: Snow Shoe, Shoe Horn, Horn Polish, Polish Sausage, Sausage Rolls, Rolling Pins, Pin Cushions

Welcome to Aldrin's Gulch
- 4ħ[hbar] Club [hbar = h/2pi is the quantization of angular momentum; also 4-H Club is an american youth organization]
- Earthsine XXX
- Moon Hall - Ruckus In Progress

Boxes folded by Foldy
Crushinator carries Do Not Crush package and then crushes robot
Momazon cardboard is .100% recycled
Safety Comes Third

Grandfather Crocs (Sort by: Profit Margin)
- Did You Mean: Orks, Corks, Dorks
- More Styles: Le Shuffler, Tampa Grampa, The Heston, Mallwalk II
- Paid Customer Ratings: *****, *****, *****, *****
- Elder Care: Dentu-Weld, Replacement Feet, EZ-Chew Yoghurt, Toenail Saw, Sandal Sauce, Floppy Tattoos, Laser Canes

Grandfather Box [Coffin] (Sort by: Gaudiness)
Decorative Lamp (Sort by: Toxicity) [Zapp Brannigan holding a lantern is #8]
[Unnamed item] Add to Landfill/Buy it now; Securish transaction; Ships from: Undisclosed Location; Made by: Tiny Unseen Hands
- Shop By Department: Works Once, Instant Regret, Arrives Smashed
- Brain Slugs: His/Hers, Child Sized, Family Pack, Rear Brain
- Zero Stars Or Less: , , ,
- New In Holes: Rabbit, Black, Ace, Neck, In One, Pie, Pot

Among others on the conveyor is Bongo the rabbit from Matt Groening's Life In Hell

Primo Video Shows: Stranger Fonts, Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, All My Circuits, The Great Neptunian Bam-Off, The Scary Mirror, How I Met Your Smizmar [all from the first episode of the season]

Bender's preferred drink is Scruffy's Choice toilet cleaner.
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"Hey, in case Hulu cancels us, would we consider moving to Amazon?"
"Fuck no."
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I don’t know why the “Things happening 1000 years in the future are remarkably like things happening right now” conceit isn’t hitting for me anymore. Science fiction is always about today, but it just seems too precisely about exactly today in this new season.
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I mean, it wasn't as bad as the Doctor Who episode about AmazonKerblam!, but that's not a high bar to pass. As with the other episodes thus far this season, I was mildly amused by moments in the episode, but otherwise felt like, eh, what's the point?
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I may be in a minority, but I’ve found these episodes surprisingly good! I was braced for the worst, but these have all brought smiles to my face.

This one may have been a bit on the nose, but it was still fun to me.
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Got my Shingles vaccine yesterday and am really feeling it today. Watched this while stretched out in bed feeling pretty ugh.

It did feel a bit less inspired than some of the best of Futurama. Even so, I got quite a few good laughs out of it. It might not be peak Futurama but it's still plenty fun.
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...consider moving to Amazon...

Hmmm - I don't know, but I could have sworn at least 2-3 'Amazon Originals' do tend to poke a little fun at their hosting megacorp, would have been one of the following; Made for Love, Upload or 'The Consultant'.
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It's Always Been Wankershim!
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