Creamerie: Creamerie Season 2
August 21, 2023 2:54 PM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Team Creamerie faces certain doom, until a surprising event creates chaos and changes everything. (And also continues to set itself apart from The Last Man on Earth and Y: The Last Man.) "Creamerier than ever," says showrunner Rosanne Liang.
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Oh my goodness THAT FINAL EPISODE!!! I was getting mad at them for having the characters carry the idiot ball, only THEY DIDN'T!!!!!!

Love that the underground is full of trans men and butch-presenting women. Because Wellness is TERF-y, and also clearly wants women who are in Lane's own image.

Every episode seemed to have about half a season of plot stuffed in it. I loved it but it was definitely a "watch an episode at a time and sit with it" kind of show.

The creators have said they have a three-season arc planned. I'm really hoping they get a season 3 so we can see how it ends.
posted by rednikki at 2:56 PM on August 21, 2023

Yeah, there was a throwaway line in an episode where the person said "We have men. Oh, you mean a person with a Y chromosome?" Great worldbuilding.

It's a lot more intense than the first season, and not as comical I guess? Although the satire is sharp as ever, and there are interpersonal moments that are funny in the way real people can be funny under stressful or absurd circumstances.

I really hope they get to finish it off with a third season.
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This is a great show and, yeah, they absolutely need to finish it.
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I have a couple of questions. After Jamie pushes Lane, are we to believe there's blood in the water in the background? Also, is it common in New Zealand for places to have Japanese names?
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That was blood in the water, for sure.

I'm not sure what places had Japanese names in the episode? There are many Māori place names, and maybe some of them sound Japanese, Stanczyk?
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The name of the valley they live in is Hiro Valley and Hiro is Japanese for abundant or fertile. Perhaps it's also a Māori word but it makes perfect sense in Japanese. I think I saw another one as the name of one of the offices in the Wellness building but now I'm having trouble finding it.
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Hiro was the leader of the expedition from Raiatea to New Zealand aboard the Aotea. Hiro Valley isn't a real place in New Zealand, but they needed to make something up and this fits with a lot of other place names there. This may be a case where Japan and Māori have similar phonemes. (When we were living there we ran into a Finnish Work Holiday Visa person who said most of the phonemes in Māori and Finnish are alike - but the two languages are not related. So she would hear sounds that sounded like Finnish words, but they weren't.)
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