Snatchers (2019)
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After status-obsessed teen Sara has sex for the first time, she wakes up the next day nine months pregnant-with an alien.

Sara (Mary Nepi), the new mother of an ancient body-possessing crustacean, only has her bookworm friend Hayley (Gabrielle Elyse) to confide in as the pair avoid her mother, screeching offspring, and another sudden alien pregnancy with a gestation period of just one day.

Based on a 6 minute short film. Directed by Stephen Cedars and Benji Kleiman. Featuring Rich Fulcher, Amy Landecker, and Nick Gomez.
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The reviews were really positive for this, and I was excited to watch it. I enjoyed the first half of the movie, but by the end I was genuinely just waiting for it to be over. The cast is clearly having fun and that, in the end, is what got me over the finish line, but it was a struggle.
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Agreed. It was sooo long and had a ton of "jokes" that were just "oh, look how naughty we are," which are not actual jokes. I also found all the Mexico jokes a little off-putting.
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