Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes (2021)
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[TRAILER] Margo inherited a castle that she inspects with her ill-tempered husband Dieter. When they arrive at the run-down keep, their relationship is put to a test as their sanity slowly deteriorates. As time and space begin to shift around them, a reality that only exists within the walls of the eerie building is exposed. It is a love letter to European cinema of the sixties and seventies that will leave viewers guessing what will happen next.

Starring Anna Platen, Jeff Wilbusch, Luisa Taraz.

Directed, co-written, co-produced, and edited by Kevin Kopacka, who also acted as co-composer. A German language film.

100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Right at the top, I should point out that this is one of those cases where the RT rating is deceiving.

This film does not have a 100% fresh because all of the reviewers think it is perfect. There is pretty much unanimity on whether it is basically good and worth seeing, but that doesn't mean all (or even most) of the reviewers in question think this is a perfect film.

The good & bad with only vague, minor spoilers, since I am at the top of the page and this one is not that well-known...

The good...
-This is a tribute to: giallo; Euro-paranormal stuff of the 60s/70s; psychedelic freakout films; probably a dozen other things.
-This looks great. They nailed the look and it is a pleasure to behold.

The bad...
-There is a haha! you are not watching the film you thought you were! trick (I want to say 35-45 minutes in) that is neither that well-explained, nor that satisfying.
-Honestly, it doesn't make a ton of sense. This might be one where someone who gave it multiple watches turns up in a year on Reddit to chart it all out and explain how actually, it makes perfect sense. And maybe they will even be right. But this first time through, I had little idea what the fuck was going on for at least 2/3 of the runtime.
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My other favorite thing about this movie: 74 minutes long.

If you're gonna make a style over substance movie, you are 100% doing the right thing to keep it short.
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My other favorite thing about this movie: 74 minutes long.

I'm in!
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the title is really lovely. a little poem of dread.
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