Billions: Hurricane Rosie
September 1, 2023 11:06 AM - Season 7, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The bullpen is placing bets on a storm in Florida. Prince is trying to conduct both the race and the team. Wendy is trying to balance the team with her mental health.
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I just didn't get how Wags fucked up. "Oh no, we're making a bunch of money that we otherwise wouldn't have lost due to an act of God!" is an opportunity -- Prince goes to some friendly financial reporter and says "Wow, MPC lucked out, and that means we have millions of dollars to donate to hurricane recovery. See, some billionaires are responsible and recognize their obligation to help."
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The campaign consultant told Prince to act as if everything he does will eventually be found out. That includes the research money that Wags funneled to whomever signs off on the hurricane category declaration. Which would then sink the campaign.
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I feel like if that's the case, then it's still Prince's fault for not cutting Wags (and Dollar Bill, and at least a few others) loose before he announced. He knows what Wags is gonna do, even if it isn't something as obviously illegal as stated bribery of a federal official. The entire point of the entire fund is learning about bad things and moving money out of their way.

TMC couldn't even run entirely aboveboard; acting like PMC can is the biggest fairytale Prince can tell himself.
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If he fires his consiglieres shortly before announcing his presidential run, that's basically inviting snooping by his rivals and the press.

In the end, this is basically Ocean's 11 for rich desk jockeys - no point overthinking about it.
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