Coupling: Flushed
February 9, 2015 1:44 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Steve Taylor is a charming, efficient man, but can't handle women well, being affected by fears which are only aggravated when he talks with his best mate Jeff, who always manages to say and do the wrong thing and worse...
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Coupling! Yes I am in. I have opinions about this series.
Although now I have to go and rewatch it.
(This is not a problem.. until season 4)
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I used to watch the hell out of this show! I should probably rewatch it again, though I am pretty sure Moffat-style observations about the sexes will not be as charming as it was when I was in my early 20s.
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I just quoted the cushion rant on my *professional* blog today. Thank you! Off to rewatch!
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Sarah Alexander really should have been a bigger star.
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I'm following the Spaced rewatch and got the idea for a Coupling rewatch. I forgot to tag this one as a rewatch ! I'm planning to post these on the same day as the Spaced rewatch.
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(This is not a problem.. until season 4)

Season 4 ? I don't know anything about a season 4 :-)
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Oh yaaaay! I loved Coupling when it was on BBC America, in what? 2001? I have a feeling it will be a different viewing experience now.
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...oh poop, it's not on Netflix any more.
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I have vivid 2000 era memories of
- "it's a sofa, it is designed to protect against skin abrasions, serious head trauma, and of course...DALEKS" and
- "BREASTS!" "...Now let's try that again, but this time, imagine you're Israeli...."
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He is Jeff Murdoch. And there is no known cure.
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Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

Jane is the best at being the worst. Susan was an absolute pro with great comedic timing. (She's married to one of the actors from Spaced.). But Jeff was more annoying than I remembered and, wow, they were definitely on a shoestring budget.

Season 1, at least, is on YT if you're desperate. The quality sucks though. Better to look elsewhere.
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Quite a different Gina Bellman than Leverage.
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I found a decent Ep 1 on yt. I had the biggest crush on Steve after watching this -- so imagine my delight when he turned up on Pirates of the Caribbean. I'd forgotten just how weak and immature his character is, though. He must improve, right? I didn't have a crush on a manchild?

Susan is great but it does feel at times like they're reading from a script, a little stilted or a little too on the mark somehow. And Jeff is...a narcissist, to say the least. But they all are, which is what makes the show. Susan's probably the most down-to-earth of all of them, and if Steve was less focused on his penis he'd be a close second.
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Quite a different Gina Bellman than Leverage.

The character, through no fault of Bellman's, wears super-thin quite quickly. I remember watching on DVD and simply fast-forwarding through any plot that was hers. Saying the character was one-note might be extending her too much credit.

Outside of Masterpiece Theater/typical Channel 13 fare, this was my first exposure to British telly. I remember thinking just how cheap it looked compared to "Friends". I've now seen more British telly and, well, most of it is still a bit cheap. But the writing, directing, and acting are usually leaps and bounds ahead.
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I'm so sad it's not on Netflix anymore! It was there foreeeeever.
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Oh I used to love this show! I used to watch it on actual PBS, and then rewatched with NortonDC on dvd. Hey I could do this rewatch on dvd!

I had a crush on Jeff! Silly, tongue-tied, awkward Jeff. During the earlier seasons, anyway.
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