BS High (2023)
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Follows the investigation which occurred when the Bishop Sycamore Centurions, a presumed high school football team from Columbus, Ohio, took on perennial prep powerhouse, IMG Academy.

This documentary explores the mix of the con, hustle culture, sports, academics, football and the crushing mix of racism, poverty and despair that drives desperate actions.

What separates the Bishop Sycamore's of the world from the IMGs? How bad is it when the announcers are calling out the disparity.

Stick around for the last shot of Roy talking about how this documentary will be good for him for the crystallization of his personality.
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My thoughts: I know Mefi doesn't tend to do sports well, but this doc is worth your time for all the questions of "how much of a terrible person is Roy" and "isn't this just taking the state of football as potential pipeline to college and the pros to it's purest form?"
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That NPR review linked on the side is really useful, as is the scandal's Wikipedia page. What a story. NPR mentions that ESPN's complicity is indicted "indirectly" in the film, which seems odd. Does the doc make clear that ESPN bears a lot of the blame for that horrible game? I mean:

They revealed that ESPN had been unable to verify claims that its roster contained NCAA Division I college prospects, and they could not find any mention of Bishop Sycamore or its players in any recruiting databases....

It subsequently emerged that ESPN officials had greenlit the broadcast despite Bishop Sycamore being slow to provide rudimentary information about the school and the team, contrary to longstanding practice for high schools appearing on the network. For instance, Johnson did not show up for a scheduled virtual production meeting two days before the game. ESPN only got a fact sheet about the school hours before the game. Several members of ESPN's production staff thought something was amiss when several names on Bishop Sycamore's roster did not check out, but the game went ahead as scheduled.

On HBO. Between this and Telemarketers, it may be time to re-up for a month.
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I remember when the game happened and all the jokes and the sheer unbelievability of the whole thing.

But this doc definitely makes clear how much awful crap was surrounding what happened to these kids.
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