American Ninja Warrior: American Ninja Warrior Big Finish
September 12, 2023 3:39 PM - Season 15 (Full Season) - Subscribe

The season ended with a bang last night, and a million dollar winner! (Not a spoiler, they've been hyping it all season). I really liked the head-to head races this season. Echoing my comments last year, more balance obstacles to reduce the importance of upper body strength would be a good move. Still the most interpersonal conflict-free hour or two of TV you'll get. Everybody roots for everybody, everybody is relentlessly happy. I almost want to see somebody scream F*CK, as they hit the water.
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From my experience playing water polo, you scream "FUCK!!!" while under the water so you don't get in trouble.

This was a good season! I wasn't at all sure about the race aspect but it definitely made for a more dynamic competition, and since the kids are all used to it (it's how they do Ninja Warrior Junior) it makes sense to bring it in to the adult competiton. I do feel bad for some of the older competitors who are very good but just getting smoked by kids half their age.

And I was delighted that Vance Walker won. I wouldn't have been unhappy if Daniel Gil had taken it - he's earned it for sure, he's been top of the field for years - but man that dude creeps me out a tiny bit. And Vance Walker is just fun to watch. He also has the forearms of an orangutan, which I suspect is an advantage in this sport.
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I was rooting for RJ, always been a fan of the metal head ninja! I thought Vance was quite full of himself his first season, but he seems quite likable this year. Either I totally misjudged him, or a couple of years of aging has been good for him. And yeah, I respect Gil's ability on a Ninja course, but anti-vaxxer worship leader is not somebody I can really respect.
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I catch these occasionally and am just astounded. Really good to see they are all kinds of folks, not just uber-jocks.
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I liked the courses this year, but I think overall last year's were more entertaining to watch. That casino wheel thing was goofy.

Really good to see they are all kinds of folks, not just uber-jocks.

Big Evangelical vibe.
posted by rhizome at 1:44 AM on September 16, 2023

I think the themed obstacles are consistently the least interesting (like the construction signs one in Finals Stage 3 this year). I don't watch ANW Jr., so the side-by-side races are new to me, and I really didn't like them this season. Part of the basic appeal of ANW to me is that it pits each competitor against the course, rather than directly against each other.
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