Sex Education: Final Season
September 26, 2023 7:00 AM - Season 4 (Full Season) - Subscribe

With Maeve in America and Moordale closed, Otis must find his footing at free-spirited Cavendish College — but he's not the only sex therapist on campus.
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Most of the way through this, but a few things are striking about this season:

One is, there's much more of an outside world than in previous seasons. In previous seasons, we saw so little of the outside world, and stuff like older cars gave the show a unique, unrooted-in-time-and-place feeling. That's a bit chipped away at, here.

I'd be surprised and saddened if the free-spirited Cavendish College is just played for jokes about, like, the hypocrisy or emptiness of Gen Z's social politics.

A lot more scenes that feel like Very Special Episodes than I recall from seasons past, though maybe not?

Nonetheless, plenty of stuff in here that I like about this series - not tryna kick conversation off with too much griping - I'm plowing through this in a short few days.
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On episode 2 and basically hate watching at this point.

Here for Eric, Amy, Adam (basically stories that have little to do with romantic relationships).

Meh about Maeve, Ruby, and the power trio.

Don't care about Otis/O, Mr Groff, Jean/Joy, Completely Unbelievable College.

Miss Ola and Lily.

Extra disappointed that they've made Gillian Anderson into a run-down overloaded new mother.
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I really enjoyed this season overall and want to hear everyone's opinions!! It felt unreal but was my favorite anyway.

It's interesting because I especially liked the Ruby and Mr Groff storylines! I found the Dr Jean Milburn storyline very appealing and relatable, however sad, and liked seeing the sister dynamic. I always loved Eric, Aimee, Isaac, and Vivienne. I felt meh about Otis, Maeve, and O (although I wanted happiness for them all, of course!) I liked Eric's new friends and also the dynamic explored between him and Otis. I was sad to see Ola and Jakob go! I was so happy for Maeve's happy end. It was cool to see disability activism as well as polyamory explored. The growth of Adam and Mr Groth really warmed my heart.

I agree that Cavendish College was completely ridiculous and unreal. I kept waiting for some realness but it never happened, other than the one friend being like "Hey, I LIKE gossip, ok?"
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While I liked the focus on Cal, I felt that storyline was a bit cliched. I guess the writers wanted to show contrast to the overall happy, accepting vibe?

I liked Jackson's storyline, too, but I hated to see him sad!
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I was really frustrated with Viv's storyline. First I'm mad that she didn't get to just have an uncomplicated relationship with a boy who really liked her, and to make it worse we have really troubling behavior with Beau the emotionally and physically abusive stalker which wrapped it up like he's really gonna stop because she told him off once? It felt like they really downplayed the danger they had introduced.

Loved Eric, absolutely did not care about Otis beyond his fractured friendship and reconcilation with Eric, and was bored by O who still seemed like a terrible person by the end. I remain surprised at how much Adam became one of my favorite characters over the course of the show but I wished his storyline hadn't been so completely separate from everyon else.

I lol'd every time they showed Maeve at her "fancy American school" with what totally looked like CGI American flags in the establishing shot. I also hated her plotline and every creative writing seminar plot cliche of all time.
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Maeve came off as almost a different character, and seemed given short shrift. Lovely to see Aimee given the depth she deserved. And Adam and his dad both. A very ambitious season, but apart from Maeve&Otis being kind of secondaried, it really kept up the high bar the previous seasons set for the writing, performances, direction & the production value, the fine line they’ve always navigated between having to spell the education out, and having individuals live it. A stand-out show, overall; it’ll be sorely missed…
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I thought this was by far the weakest season, glad it's over. I loved seasons 1-3 but this seemed like a different show.
So, Eric is now the new Jesus? That came out of nowhere.
It seemed like all the characters in Cavendish were checking boxes...OK, we need an asexual, a poly, some trans, a couple of gays...check check check. And then on top of all that, it implies that Adam, by far the most interesting character, only finds happiness when he has a hetero relationship and is part of a nuclear family. I've never see the actor in anything else, I think he was outstanding at playing sad.
I didn't buy that Ruby was into Otis. Didn't see the chemistry at all. And I didn't buy that part towards the end where she was "a big deal" and got other people to agree to do stuff just because she was so wonderful, or an influencer or something. The actress was great though, I thought very funny and understated in a role that could have been played over the top.
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Someone asked if Jean's gorgeous house is real? Here it is for sale in Symonds Yat: Knight Frank Properties. The real interior is different from that of the show - I do prefer the comfortable, lived in fictional one.

So, Eric is now the new Jesus?
I was so scared the story was veering towards Eric, a young Black man in uk, beginning to suffer from schizophrenia! Which statistically wouldn't be that unlikely and seemed to be following a pattern I've seen traces of before. Anyhow, Ncuti Gatwa, glimpsed in the Barbie Movie and soon to be Doctor Who, is fabulous in Sex Education. It turns out he's among the oldest of the actors who portray teenagers in the series and I can see why the extra maturity would come in handy. Same with Connor Swindells (Adam.)

I really loved that rather frank and desperate portrayal of life with a new baby, which is usually treated in a much more euphemistic way on tv. Particularly as Jean is thoroughly without any support now, that would be a massive shock to anyone's system. In fact I've loved the show. Its world is artificial but its heart is true. It's compassionate, idealistic and wonderfully informative about sex both physically and emotionally. A+, would want teens in general to watch this

Oh, something extra: Ncuti Gatwa flims Doctor Who wearing tartan kilt in possible nod to his childhood in Edinburgh
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I’m a big Doctor Who fan and this season made me even more excited for Ncuti Gatwa as the doctor! His joyous laugh is one of my favorites of all time, and he’s capable of a lot of nuance - his facial expressions reacting to Adam at the funeral are so complex and lovely.

I thought the season was a little contrived overall but generally loved the way most characters were wrapped up. Especially appreciated Jean’s words to Maeve, Aimee’s journey, and O as a foil for Otis (emotionally unresolved, seeking validation through others). Ruby trying desperately to cope with her change in station felt very real to me. And Adam’s dad riding the horse!
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I finally finished it!

I missed some of the old peeps, like Ola and Lily.

I figured the new college was over-the-top in a way that was "oh? You thought the old school was too accepting and diverse? We will do even more of that."

The biggest laugh for me came from the election results.
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