Our Flag Means Death: Impossible Birds
October 5, 2023 11:32 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

While Stede adjusts to his new normal, a heartbroken Blackbeard fills the void with daily raids — sparking concern amongst Izzy and the crew.

We gloss over how Stede and his shipwrecked crew made it back to the Republic of Pirates, suffice to say that they do. The Swede catches Spanish Jackie's eye and a deal is made. But then the deal is altered, pray she doesn't alter it further.
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I only had time to watch episode 1 last night, but really enjoyed it. I definitely had to gloss over how Stede's dingy somehow got the rest of the crew off their little miniature deserted island.

I like Jackie, but in small doses, so I'm happy that the crew moved on from the Republic of Pirates by the end of the episode. Intrigued by our new Pirate Queen who, despite initial appearances, is not in the soup business. The episode was that balance of whimsy, silliness, and tragedy that just rolls together so well in the mind. Be it Stede's admirer being undone because he felt "branding" was paramount to being a dandy pirate to the pathos that Blackbeard is 100% dealing with as he is literally avoiding engaging the world or his feelings.

Am I crazy but since we didn't see Izzy's body thrown over the railing (granted, a lot of blood), perhaps he's alive below decks just suffering from a gun shot wound? It seemed a rather shocking removal of the character, especially since he went from 100% YAY BLACKBEARD IS BACK at the end of last season to 100% DUDE WE NEED TO TALK FEELINGS within half the span of this episode. If he is dead, was there just a desire to get rid of the character?

And when are we going to see Lucious again? I cannot believe he's gone. I dunno, maybe I'm struggling with a show that is totally fine with suddenly killing off characters.

Blackbeard's crew had my heart melting from their survival of the ordeal he is creating. "I just take the bad memories and put them in a box and shut it in my head."
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Frenchie’s box-based coping mechanism feels like it will come back to haunt him. In the meanwhile, more cake for him!
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So happy to see this back! Did I miss the reference to what the title "Impossible Birds" references? Personally I would have went with "Our Flag Means Soup"

Note that there is a bit of a post-credits scene (or outtake?)
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The Impossible Birds references the comment Blackbeard made to Frenchie on the bow of the ship, when Frenchie went to find out what the plans were going forward. Blackbeard describes birds that never land, but fly forever.
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Oh, I'm so scared to watch this season! Some of my favorite shows have had Season 2 slump - I've been attributing it to execs sticking their noses in and telling writers to have more "familiar" storylines or something. Your comments are giving me heart, though.
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Heads up, there was something extra after the credits.
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