Anyone interested in a sort of 1001-Movies club?
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Partly because I've already gotten going on this myself, and partly to create engaging posts like DOT did - I'm wondering who'd be interested in a monthly classic-films club of sorts, with the 1001-Movies-Before-You-Die playlist. Or should I just occasionally make a post?

I'm honestly not sure how "clubs" work in Fanfare, and was hoping more to just make the occasional post about older films to generate engagement in here (in DOT's absence). The 1001-movies book has a weird little cult following, with whole blogs devoted to watching through them all, discussing them, helping each other track them down, etc. (so yeah, I have one such blog but I'm far from the only one). It's a good mix of "famous classics" and "stuff you never heard of, but wow is it great" (along with "yikes this didn't age well" and "yeah, I don't get why this was a thing").

We could even be completist and do the all-inclusive list of everything that's ever been in ANY edition of the books, which brings the tally up to 1245 films. However, a good chunk of them have probably already been discussed here at one point or another.

I could also just start a list of "filling in the holes" and create posts about things that aren't in here already, kind of like what's happening with the Discworld series books.

Thoughts? Ideas? Should I just go ahead and make posts or is this a club thing?
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I'm happy to comment on classic films of any kind (if I've seen the film - I'm watching films all the time and regularly will pick at that all inclusive list) [that is also on Letterboxd]. Personally I've seen more than half of the all inclusive list so rather than starting from the earliest to the most recent I'd just go ahead and start making posts in whatever works for your tracking. I say let whimsy reign.
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Doing it as a club at least gives you the access to a list and next/prev buttons within the list. I'd say make the club and just start posting, and mention in the posts it's part of the club and maybe you'll pick up some people...

How many movies would you do a month? Like even one movie a day it's 3-4 years to do the extended list. It's SO MANY movies, my word.

What about going year-by-year, picking one "representative" movie from each year (something streamable, not already on FF, and what you wanted to most see/talk about yourself). Each post could also list all the other movies from that year on the list and people could talk about those too.
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I think I'm more just unclear about what a club IS. Really I just want to have more posts representing the films on that list because some of them are awesome.
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I don't think they really DO much for you. I don't think there's any way to like ping the people in the club and I don't think it really ups the visibility, at least not for the way I usually read MetaFilter, by just scanning posts and recent activity.

I've only done one club, but for me it was worth it to have a page like this with all the relevant posts on it. To me that's a meaningful improvement over just using tags.
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I think I should have answered more directly: afaik a club = a tag to collect FF posts under, with a little mechanical enhancement.

The point of joining a club would be to get some kind of "new post in your clubs" kind of indicator, but I have no idea where that is.
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I *think* that your club films show up under "My Fanfare".
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