AEW Collision: October 14, 2023
October 14, 2023 10:03 PM - Season 1, Episode 18 - Subscribe

All the main feuds on Collision get rolled into a big spicy goulash this week, also three title defenses, the return of some faces that haven't gotten much TV time in a while, and CJ and Miro flirt in the weirdest way. (This post is going up late because of NY Comic Con, so some commentary borrowed from Wrestling Observer.)

Adam Copeland promo segment
The former Edge is still hoping his former Brood-mate will give a straight answer about why he doesn't want to team up like in the old days. Christian comes out with Nick Wayne & Luchasaurus and brags about getting most of Blackpool Combat Club banned from ringside in anticipation of his match tonight against Bryan Danielson. The Danielson also comes out to say he's retailiated by getting Wayne and Luchasaurus banned as well.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill come out to rub the audience's face in their surprise title win over FTR, and while Starks and Christian get snippy with each other, Starks really wants that rematch with Danielson. This all becomes a big donnybrook until security can separate everyone and leaves the faces (Danielson, Copeland & FTR standing tall.
ROH World Television Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) defeated Willie Mack to retain
Since both men are roughly equal size, this match got competitive at times, with Mack having the 2nd best stunner in the business (Kevin Owens at #1, naturally) and a secret arsenal of top rope moves, but ring veteran Joe eventually catches him for a muscle buster to win. Joe is 20 days away from breaking the record for longest ROH Television Title reign of all time, which means someone's coming along to rock his chances.
"Lexy Nair was backstage with CJ Perry. She wanted to help people who were tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching others succeed. Action Andretti entered the frame, introducing himself to Perry and making it known that he was only one call away.

We got a video package hyping the return of Danhausen, featuring a plug of his merchandise."

Juice Robinson (w/ Jay White & The Gunns) defeated Christopher Daniels
"Robinson took the mic, telling MJF that he could knock people out with a ring too. Robinson was knocking people out for years, and he didn’t need a ring to do it. Robinson threatened to pawn off MJF’s Dynamite Diamond Ring after he won it in order to fund a vacation for the Bang Bang Gang. Jay White told MJF that all of this was happening because of the attack that he still believes MJF perpetrated a few weeks ago. [Poster note: Yeah, what happened to that storyline? Clearly it hasn't been dropped, but someone's got to show up in that mask again somewhere before the diamond ring match, right?] Bullet Club Gold was going to take everything from him, and it would end with White as AEW World Champion."
Kyle Fletcher defeated Boulder (of the Iron Savages)
Fletcher continues his extended hiatus from Aussie Open while Mark Davis is injured. Iron Savages is a good comedy gimmick and Boulder is definitely bigger than Fletcher, so it's unexpected for Fletcher to get the win. When a tag team performer starts getting solo wins the smark in me anticipates a longer-term separation, but it makes sense when Fletcher later challenges Kenny Omega for Dynamite -- it pays off his increasing closeness to the Don Callis Family and gives the DCF a reason to interfere.
AEW TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander (c) defeated Skye Blue to retain
"A solid title match here, as these two got the crowd into the action by the end. Blue seems to be on track for some type of character change, which would be beneficial. Her in-ring ability has improved over the course of her AEW career."

I'm thinking this black mist is like the Anti-God liquid from John Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness, in that it just keeps search for new hosts to infect. Like maybe neither Hart nor Malakai Black is in control of it? As I delighted in pointing out to my Discord friends, both Skye Blue and Kiera Hogan got a dose of it, and Kiera also has experience with pro-wrestling spooky-ookie storylines.
Keith Lee defeated Turbo Floyd
"Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty were watching from backstage. Lee pounced Floyd before scoring the almost-immediate win with the Spirit Bomb."

Keith Lee could get that title off Samoa Joe, I just know it, but first he'll have to deal with his old friends.
"Miro was backstage, noting that he’s been tempted recently with his wife CJ Perry around. He says that her temptations are surrounding her now and that she won’t be able to resist them. He will destroy any man that comes near her to make sure that doesn’t happen, before showing a beaten Action Andretti."
Mr. and Mrs. Miro are so extra, ISTG

Andretti will now face Miro for revenge, not realizing he's simply a toy in their tawdry affair.
AEW TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage (c) defeated Bryan Danielson to retain
I winced every time Christian started working Bryan's neck, or dropping him on it. Between his match here and his feud with Copeland, I am legit concerned about someone getting paralyzed or worse. In storyline, Danielson tried to use his superior submission abilities, but Cage is taller and stronger, and got free long enough to damage Danielson's hand, the same hand that's been (kayfabe) f***ed up before this month and last. Danielson tried switching to kicks and knee strikes but Cage dodged and reacted too well.

Cage kicked out of the Busaiku Knee, but then hit the Killswitch on Danielson that he kicked out of! I remember that move being very protected back in the day. Big Bill and Starks -- the only heels in this fracas not banned from ringside -- interfered, with Starks clocking Danielson with his tag team belt for Christian to make the pin. That brought out everyone else from the opening segment. Copeland laid out Nick Wayne with a spear to stand tall at the end of the show. Realizing how good this match was, AEW has already put out the last half (and the post match fracas) on YouTube.
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