Saturday Night Live: Pete Davidson / Ice Spice
October 15, 2023 1:39 AM - Season 49, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Writer's strike is over!

  • Cold Open - Pete Davidson on Gaza
  • Monologue: Pete Davidson
  • Fox NFL Sunday: Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, Molly Kearney, Devon Walker, James Austin Johnson, Pete Davidson, Travis Kelce
  • I'm Just Pete: Pete Davidson, Punkie Johnson, Marcello Hernandez, Mikey Day, Devon Walker, Bowen Yang, Chloe Fineman
  • WIRED Autocomplete Interview: Mikey Day, Marcello Hernandez, Chloe Fineman, Ego Nwodim, Pete Davidson
  • Law Firm Secretary: Bowen Yang, Pete Davidson, Heidi Gardner, Kenan Thompson, James Austin Johnson
  • The Original Princes of Comedy: PDD, Pete Davidson, John Mulaney, Devon Walker
  • Ice Spice - In Ha Mood
  • Weekend Update: Michael Che, Colin Jost
    • Christopher Columbus: Bowen Yang
    • Deion Sanders: Kenan Thompson
  • Spaceship Visitor: Michael Longfellow, Heidi Gardner, Marcello Hernandez, Bowen Yang, Pete Davidson, Chloe Fineman
  • Ice Spice - Pretty Girl (feat. Rema)
  • Buried in Sand: Pete Davidson, Ego Nwodim, Andrew Dismukes, Sarah Sherman, Devon Walker, Marcello Hernandez
  • Glamgina: Sarah Sherman, Pete Davidson, Chloe Fineman, Ego Nwodim, Heidi Gardner, Punkie Johnson, Kenan Thompson, Chloe Troast
  • Feet Pics Bar: Andrew Dismukes, Kenan Thompson, Michael Longfellow, Pete Davidson
posted by rhizome (7 comments total)
Loved both of Pete’s openers, Fox NFL Sunday, and Bowen’s flawless Italian accent as Christopher Columbus

Taylor Swift introducing Ice Spice!

I don’t know what the SNL/Barbie movie FF crossover is but I’m Just Pete was a shot for shot remake of I’m Just Ken from the movie!
posted by ellieBOA at 12:33 PM on October 15, 2023

I adore Pete Davidson (like any woman of a certain age?) and I thought all of this was really fun.

Also, having both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce show up has made SwiftTok completely explode with glee.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 4:50 PM on October 15, 2023

I noticed as they showed everyone leaving the set after the sci-fi sketch, Heidi Gardner was still moving in character.

Also, during the opening credits they mentioned "A film by Please Don't Destroy" (or similar wording) and I don't know the last time they've had that in the credits (I do remember them from watching old '70s episodes, and I think Robert Smigel got them for Saturday TV Funhouse, but I don't recall PDD getting them before, nor Good Neighbor or Lonely Island)
posted by ckape at 6:51 PM on October 15, 2023

Also, during the opening credits they mentioned "A film by Please Don't Destroy" (or similar wording) and I don't know the last time they've had that in the credits

Same, I wonder if it’s because they’ve got a film coming out soon?
posted by ellieBOA at 6:39 AM on October 16, 2023 [2 favorites]

I assume “Glamgina” was written by Sarah Sherman—not just because she was the co-lead, but because it’s her usual theme of women’s pressure to go to extremes to be attractive veering into body horror. So I was disappointed when that sheet covering her was never whipped off to reveal a nauseating prosthetic!
posted by ejs at 5:50 PM on October 16, 2023 [1 favorite]

One of the more enjoyable episodes of recent years, I was quite surprised that it finished as fast as it seems to.
posted by billsaysthis at 10:21 PM on October 16, 2023 [1 favorite]

It was a good ep for sure, and a good season opener to boot. Seems like it's been awhile since E01 was at all special.

Afterwards NBC aired the pilot for "Bupkis," which is Pete's new biographical series on Peacock. Chock full of great cameos and an enticing premise. Pete is redeeming himself!
posted by rhizome at 11:06 PM on October 16, 2023

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