All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: Dynamite 10/18/23 and Rampage 10/20/23
October 18, 2023 4:15 PM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Dynamite celebrates returning to it's regular slot by hosting a battle royale, a joshi queen, and featuring Kenny Omega and Jay White in two separate matches. But it might be words that hurt worst this time, as a few talking segments have potential to turn on the melodrama this week.

The announced card for Dynamite:

Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale: Winner faces MJF for the Dynamite Diamond Ring
This seems a but anti-clamctic, since Juice Robinson has already announced himself gunning for that ring. If he doesn't win he'll look like a goober. Nevertheless, battle royales are usually fun and have a "throw it in" kind of vibe. Danhausen return imminent?
Jim Ross sit-down interview with Nick Wayne and his mom
Following Nick's betrayal of Darby Allin and throwing in with Christian Cage, let's see how much heat the kid can draw. Cuss out his dad (legendary wrestler Buddy Wayne)? Blame his mom? Slap around JR? Sky's the limit, you skinny rat.
Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Jay White

“Timeless” Toni Storm details her newest blockbuster film

Kyle Fletcher vs. Kenny Omega

Sting addresses the fans
With Darby constantly getting waylaid by others, plus he's also planning to (and this is not a joke) climb Mount Everest in 2024, ol' Stinger has to lay the ground work for his solo career. One more title run for the Icon?
World Title Eliminator Match: AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida vs. Emi Sakura
This is being billed as "Teacher vs. Student" (but honestly, try to find a joshi pro that Sakura didn't train). If Emi wins, she gets a shot at Shida's title.
Adam Copeland’s "Rated-R Rebuttal" to Christian Cage
Get a posse to fight a posse, that's the ancient wisdom. Gangrel call-up imminent?
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Jay White's cardboard standee has become the most over member of Bullet Club Gold, having now gained its own cardboard version of the stolen AEW World Championship that's duct-taped to the hand.

Also added to the card, Lance Archer and WARDLOW, although not against each other.
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Sakura & Shida pulling out all the classic Japanese violence -- inverted stalled backbreakers, tiger drivers, stiff knees to the face. In the end Shida had her mentor's number, intercepting several attacks and being just a bit faster.
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Ryan Nemeth shows up for a 30-second window to get smashed into the earth by Wardlow, who now solidifies that he and MJF have swapped sides on the heel/face spectrum by shoving Tony to the ground.

Speaking of the champ, he's all over the show tonight, doing a backstage interview with Renee, then crashing Kenny Omega's interview to remind him that he's 13 days away from breaking the record for longest continuous title reign.

In other segments -- shakily filmed, drably lit, porno-movie-actor-vibes segments -- Adam Cole has his fill of Roddy Strong and scoots off for leg surgery, while Matt Taven gnaws on a PB&J and Mike Bennett jams out on bongos.
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Lance Archer doesn't quite wrap up his squash match as fast as Wardlow, but the announcer Justin Roberts did get a big laugh from me for "Currently kicking his opponent down the ramp to the ring..."
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The segment with Nick Wayne and his mom got too real, y'all. Had the energy of a parent-teacher conference with a real troubled kid. I was very glad to see Darby and Sting interrupt it with righteous babyface violence, culminating in Nick Wayne apparently legit getting busted open and losing a tooth (unless he pulled an Ed Helms and had a cap removed for the show).

Sting has announced that Revolution 2024 is the end of his ride... but no word yet on who he'll face. Speculation?
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The battle royale does end as predicted, although with more side stories involving the fracturing of Danny Garcia and Daddy Magic, Dustin taking a bribe to punt Juice Robinson in the yambag, and Max Caster extending his toxic yaoi friendship with MJF.
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Who can look at this show card for Rampage tonight and not tell me that Skye Blue is turning heel? Literal evil is leaking from here eyes, folks!
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