Miracle Brothers: Miracle Brothers (aka Miraculous Brothers)
October 23, 2023 4:30 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

An aspiring writer deep in debt encounters a young man with no memories and strange abilities. Together they fight injustice and form an unlikely bond.

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Kdrama and Ramen review: "“Miraculous Brothers” is a time travel drama with a mystery crime plot. This drama was a pleasant surprise for me. It is slow moving and character driven. The story is well-told and the characters are quirky and strangely likable, despite some very questionable life choices. The one genre this drama steers completely clear of is romance. But the bromance between the leads is endearing and fun. If you enjoy slow burn character development and supernatural mystery, I recommend this one. I give “Miraculous Brothers” an 8 out of 10 ramen."

Dramabeans finale review: "I truly wish this drama had capitalized on its more interesting aspects rather than taking the most tried, true, and boring route of a crime procedural. They had a superpowered, time-traveling teen and a man who stole a manuscript which he then passed off as his own, but instead we focused on rich businessmen being nasty and cops uncovering what we the audience already knew.

If it had been shorter and focused on the unique elements, this could’ve been a much stronger drama. They could’ve gone the healing route and nixed the crime aspect altogether, making it just about a time-traveling, superpowered teen and his new, reluctant, morally questionable guardian. Or, they could’ve done a short (maybe 8-10 episode) crime-thriller that nixed the cop stuff and kept the focus on everyone involved in the 1995 case. But by trying to do everything at once, focus was pulled in too many directions and the pacing suffered.

I enjoyed the drama most when it was character and relationship focused, centering Dong-joo and Kang-san’s journey (and Kai’s) and exploring the consequences of violence and bad behavior. Maybe my expectations also played a role in my disappointment since I thought we were getting a healing drama about found family with some sci-fi elements, and I’ve grown tired of cop procedurals. Regardless, I did enjoy the central brothers’ stories and journeys to becoming better people, and that’s what I’ll take away from the drama."
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The beginning of the series gave me some 'Parasite' vibes -- the stress of encroaching poverty causing Yook Dong Joo to plagiarize the manuscript.

Overall this was a bit of an overstuffed burrito of a show. Jung Woo as Dong Joo and Bae Hyun Sung as Kang San were good, I liked their developing found-family bromance, and the ending was satisfying enough. But it took me a while to get around to finishing watching this after it started showing up on Viki, and seeing how few comments there were on the Dramabeans recaps it looks like most of kdrama land gave this a pass.
posted by oh yeah! at 3:12 AM on October 24, 2023

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