All the Light We Cannot See: Full Mini Series
November 3, 2023 4:29 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

The story of Marie-Laure, a blind French teenager, and Werner, a German soldier, whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.
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Does this one season retell the entire novel, or is there more to come?
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It covers the whole novel.
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having not read the book: this feels very much like something that should have been adapted more creatively. it feels novelistic in structure without nearly enough time or interiority to make it work, so instead a lot of the emotional beats fall flat and the storytelling ends up weirder and more rote than it should

all the pieces are there, and there are some nice performances, but it doesn't really muster more than a shrug from me at the end, which is a shame.

one big thing that bothered me more than it needed to: the city model that the father made looked like it should have taken years to make, but as told I think it's only supposed to have taken maybe a couple weeks? (gorgeous set design work regardless!)
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I don't mean to yuck anybody's yum, but I thought this was pretty bad. The book is definitely worth reading, though.
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I did not read the book so have no comparison but it was entertaining. It was disturbing (especially any scene at the German training school for boys....ugh) but also saccharine. Mark Ruffalo's accent was an embarrassment. My ears. MY EARS. I apologize to accents everywhere on behalf of whatever it was. It was SO BAD.

Also I don't understand why some Germans had German accents and others had English accents, and some French people had wait none of the French people had French accents. They all had English accents. And no one knows wtf Mark Ruffalo's accent was. And now let us never speak of it again. With any accent of any sort.

Also like I said I did not read the book and do not know if there's a sequel but I would like there to be, and for her father to be alive, since we only had the word of the dying German officer that he was dead. I hate that she seemed so alone at the end and had no one to go home to or talk to. But then unless they recast the part of Mark Ruffalo, we would be subjected to another season of his accent. Sorry, I spoke about his accent again after saying that I wouldn't.
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It covers the whole novel.

Well- I'd say, it covers a decent chunk of it, but nowhere near all of it. Many storylines and characters are left out, and many (critical) plot points were wholly changed for the sake of "drama" and "storytelling." I kind of get that- to really do it justice would have meant a 12-part series. But the second 2 episodes (for me) just sank under the weight of the injected schmaltz. And the bad/inconsistent accents, yes. Just an overall disappointment, since I did really like the book's scope.

TL:DR: [many of the] the pieces are there, and there are some nice performances, but it doesn't really muster more than a shrug from me at the end, which is a shame.
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