I'm Your Man (Ich ben dein Mensch) (2021)
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Alma is a scientist at Berlin's Pergamon Museum. Due to her expertise, she is selected to participate in an extraordinary research experiment: to live for three weeks with a humanoid robot designed to be her ideal life partner. Starring Maren Eggert and Dan Stevens. Directed by Maria Schrader (She Said).

IMDB 7.1 ::: RT 96/82 ::: MC 78

Currently streaming on Hulu and Kanopy, and $1.99 on Prime. FWIW my Hulu app would not display subtitles.
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This movie is kind of on the same shelf as Making Mr. Right or something like Air Doll.

Dan Stevens is well cast and havin' a blast.

The movie is running down a couple well-traveled roads at once: it is a romcom, and it is a kind of Black Mirror episode. Those things mix fairly well though (tbh the best Black Mirror episodes do it), and it doesn't cash out its moral questions too early. For example at one point Alma confronts Tom about being too servile, about following her needs too much, just echoing herself back to her -- that's something a Black Mirror episode would cash out on but in this movie it's just the gateway to the second half. She tells Tom to act like a real person and he's like okay and I'm like, ha ha oh no Alma you fucked up.

Of course it's got its eyes on a different prize because it's actually about faith and God.

Despite that, I liked it. I'm a rabid vicious snarling atheist, but I am a fan of love, and this movie approaches faith from the direction of love, and says some interesting things imho. Perfect love is not human; even to receive it makes us less/more than human. It's not meant for this world.

(Tom waiting three days by the ping-pong table is a bit much tho.)
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(Of course also funny to see Sandra Hüller from Toni Erdmann..)
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