Shoresy: Shoresy, Season 2: Some Mo' of the NOSHO
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Another helping of the hockey-centric Letterkenny spinoff finds the scrappy Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs charting a very different path.

When Shoresy declared that the Bulldogs would "never lose again," even he didn't realize how prophetic that would be. Success requires hard work, weight training and accountability, and Shoresy has his hands full keeping everyone focused -- there ARE an impossible amount of good-looking girls in Sudbury, after all, and the boys might be enjoying attractive by-products of newly winning ways a bit too much. His own earnest pursuit of journalist Laura Moore continues even as he tries to keep his teammates' eyes on the prize.

But that's not the only distraction standing between the Bulldogs and becoming the "best team ever." A fundraising calendar, spray tans, disciplinary hearings, trivia competitions, an unexpected fanbase segment, an introspective goalie, and more threaten to set the wrong tone even as a new American entry to the NOSHO is hungry to take them down.

Six episodes on Crave/Hulu.. Raunch, slapshots, catchphrases, brawling, Big Sexy the parakeet, paninis, lingerie and chirping await. If you liked what you saw in Season 1... here's more of it.
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here for Shoresy's wholesome and earnest pursuit of Laura Moore, but I've found this season to be a little bit lacking. The first season had a really wonderful setup to move the plot - the existential threat of the team going under. But this one - the pursuit of an undefeated season, the new threat of the American team, and the guys living the high life so much that it threatens their performance - just doesn't really raise the stakes in a meaningful way. A little disappointing, because I found the first season to be a surprisingly moving (if offbeat) depiction of the importance of sports, identity, and camaraderie.
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I was a bit taken aback by the abrupt tone shift as well. The rules of the NOSHO (all teams make the playoffs even if they got completely smoked in the regular season) meant that the Bulldogs would be headed there, but presumably they'd be the lowest seed and face the Soo (and the Soo are SO fuckin' good) in the opener. So there were aspects of that that I was looking forward to seeing -- overcoming the talent gap against the Soo via grit and lumber, the guys' reaction to JJ Frankie JJ coming back after missing the crucial last game due to philandering, offseason moves, that sort of thing.

And then the first episode started and I went, well, that happened.

Still, like its parent show, much of its comedy stems more from familiarity and absurdity than from Big Plot Developments. Season 3 is already greenlit, so something's working for them.
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here for Shoresy's wholesome and earnest pursuit of Laura Moore

Absolutely. I can't watch the two of them without smiling. It's become one of my favorite TV-character relationships, EVER.
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