Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Abortion Rights
November 7, 2023 10:35 PM - Season 10, Episode 16 - Subscribe

This week... Ron DeSantis claims he doesn't wear lifts in his shoes. Main story: the fight to preserve abortion access in US states. "[...A] truly horrible thing to have to add to the list of things that pregnant women are not safe to do. So it's now officially: ride a roller coaster, eat sushi, dye your roots, and simply exist in the State of Texas." It's on Youtube (23 minutes). And Now: It Was Halloween, And Local TV Hosts Did What They Always Do. And finally, New Zealand is having a poll to decide their "Bird of the Century," and Last Week Tonight is waging an "alarmingly aggressive" campaign on behalf of the Pūteketeke, a.k.a. the Australasian crested grebe. The website of their campaign is here.

F.37: "Advocatus Maximus," ADY BARKAN. He passed away on November 1 at the age of 39. He was an activist for universal health care and co-founded the Be A Hero PAC.

Last Week Tonight's pitch for the Pūteketeke to be named Bird of the Year, on the website: "They puke, they do a ‘weed’ dance before mating, they have great hair, and there are fewer than 1000 of them left in New Zealand! The Pūteketeke isn’t just a bird cooler than any of us could ever hope to be — it’s a bird that needs our help. So join us, and vote for the Pūteketeke. Take just one look at its mullet and you’ll see: the Pūteketeke is, indeed, the bird of the century!!!

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That abortion segment was truly upsetting. It's fascinating that the states that have the most harsh abortion laws also have terrible infant mortality rates.

I don't understand the TV producers who enforce the "abandon your dignity" rule for their talent. It makes their show look like a bad elementary school play.

I laughed out loud all through the "Bird of the Century" segment. I can't imagine the planning and budget this took.

I really like this format, with a lighter story after the main story.
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IDK, going by the birdoftheyear website I'd say Tawaki piki toka (Eastern rockhopper penguin) is stiff competition.
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