Welcome to Wrexham: Family Business
November 8, 2023 7:51 PM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Family is everything for the members of Wrexham AFC and we meet the fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons behind some key people.
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This show, honestly, sometimes the most emotional episodes only tangentially involve any football.
posted by Molesome at 8:52 AM on November 10 [1 favorite]

I wasn’t sure where this one was going at first (I was like, are we lionizing Ryan Reynolds?) , and then it went in a totally unexpected direction with the “my gay parents” reveals and everything else, and I was so emotional by the end. Seeing so many people talking about their feelings when you know they normally don’t was really wild. It was such a brilliant and surprising way to get to know everyone.
posted by kitten kaboodle at 11:03 AM on November 10

They've always been really good at telling the human side of the story, and I think that's why the sports stuff ends up being interesting to us non-sports folks. I really do not care about football/soccer at all. I care A LOT about everyone associated with Wrexham -- the players, the team's owners and management, the town. A LOT.
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Awww, so many gay parents!
posted by jenfullmoon at 3:43 PM on November 15

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