A Murder at the End of the World: Homme Fatale
November 14, 2023 2:25 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

An amateur sleuth receives a mysterious invitation to a reclusive tech billionaire's secret retreat.
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I've watched the first two episodes and I'm not sure what I think about it yet. Which is how I felt when I started watching The OA.

It's probably just me, but Darby and Bill seem so young.
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Two episodes in so far: at this point, the show appears to be a curious mix of true crime emulation, whodunit and high-tech thriller, told across three separate time periods. Achingly slow in parts, but it's building to something.

Partially directed, written by and starring Britt Marling. I find the multilayered female characters she creates really interesting, and Darby promises the same degree of complexity. The glacial pace is also a hallmark of Marling's work.
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I really wanted to like this – it's shot gorgeously, I love murder mysteries – but I found the dialogue to be wooden at best. Also, while I'm not exactly looking for realism here, the whole mechanics around hacking and installing a dodgy app on your phone seemed off.
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Well, I'm a little bemused by the show because in this and the following episode the computing stuff is in a weird place with regard to verisimilitude. To me, it's in the uncanny valley, if that makes sense. I'm surprised they're going to the effort they are, but it still doesn't make much sense.
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Only watched the first episode so far but just going throw out Claire Evans’ Searching For Susy Thunder from a few years back.
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I think I said awhile ago that Brit Marling seems like she walked out of the pages of OMNI (PG rated OMNI if such can be imagined). New Age mushiness infused with tech fantasy. She's got a retrofuturist angle to her stuff that's centered a little deeper than aesthetics.

The dialogue is clunky. Shyamalan-level clunkiness sometimes, efficiently speaking plot rationalizations instead of things a human would say. I think because there's just nothing else for the characters to say. It's dumb and always kind of jarring for something that's trying to signal constantly about how smart it is to also be dumb.

Hopefully this show will go wildly weird because I guess I'm here for the spectacle of that.

Did not recognize Carl from Triangle of Sadness at first.
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I was pretty dismissive of the OA, but I liked the first episode enough to watch another. Emma Corrine is good here.
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So I'm in pain, my heat died (repair is coming tomorrow) and doing laundry. I was looking for something to distract me from all of this, and hulu suggested this. From the trailer it seemed right up my alley.

As intrigued as I was by the opening Silver Doe reading, the rest of the episode seemed determine to push me away.Once we got to the hotel my thought is someone saw Glass Onion and thought, "Let's remove all the fun from it and go from there."

And then at the end I found out it was the same people who made The OA. So my journey with this show ends here.
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