Rick and Morty: Unmortricken
November 15, 2023 10:26 PM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

We get a bit more of insight into the origins of Evil Morty.

Rick and Morty keep trying to find the whereabouts of Rick Prime to avenge the death of his wife, they manage to cross paths with Evil Morty and unwillingly join together to face Rick Prime.
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There was a good Kickpuncher vs. Punchkicker section in there for the Dan Harmon fans.
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I guess if you feel compelled to do a lore dump, might as well get it out in one go:

- The death of Rick Prime
- A demonstration of what lies beyond the central finite curve
- A view on the life Evil Morty escaped to post Citadel

But the plot itself, and the message within are already well trod ground: "There are only two tragedies. One is not getting what you want, and the other is getting it."
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Not my favorite, but I still appreciate it. It had some cool action, fun background gags, and it effiencetly answered some lore questions while moving the plot along far enough that they can get back to the character driven episodes that it does so much better. Plus it puts Rick back in his deep dysfunctional depression. Wubba lubba dub dub indeed.
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It was surprising that they put the cap in the Rick Prime story already, was expecting it to be a season background story. I hope they do some interesting stuff now that he's gone.
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Yeah this was definitely a surprise for the middle of a season, and a ridiculous amount of ground to cover in half an hour. I like that this show is still really keeping us guessing about the basics, 7 seasons in.
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One fun thing about Rick and Morty is the show's willingness to throw out plot arcs. Remember the space rift that was unceremoniously sealed by the dinosaurs as a parting gift to Rick? Evil Morty was terrific in this episode. Rick Prime was a disappointment, but *gesticulates and shrugs*. On to the next thing.
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I liked this, especially on second viewing (I'm finding this with a lot of Season 3+ episodes - I wonder if I've gotten dumber, or if the show has just gotten more meta and dense in a way that makes it take longer for me to understand what they're up to). I am confused about something - "our" Rick is apparently someone who chose family over a life of nihilist hedonism, only to lose his family and then embark on a quest for vengeance. Season 1 Rick seems to be pretty nihilistic, and even kind of sadistic at times. I always though the arc of the show was basically him realizing he cared about his family and then slowly figuring out how to find meaning through that, but with this back story, this suggests he's basically passing back through the way he came - well-adjusted family Rick, revenge Rick, nihilist Rick, and then kind of back to revenge Rick with hints of not-as-badly-adjusted family Rick, and now revenge Rick has run his course.

I know this might all just be a result of the writers figuring it out as they go along, but I guess I would have assumed that if he had a time in his life when he was better adjusted, that that would kind of inform his life now - like if he had a good relationship with his wife and kid, that he would kind of know about that way of being on some level, and it would come up more in how he saw the world, at least as an option (though maybe losing them was really scarring?). I wonder if they'll explore more about that life, and make it more than some sort of obscure origin story, because right now it feels strange that he's both highly motivated by it but also kind of cut off by it... but maybe that's how trauma works? And again, maybe I'm thinking about it either too much or not enough?
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I was totes confused about the beginning -- I thought "Evil" Morty had destroyed the Central Finite Curve? Whatever, it looked pretty cool.

Side note: I was watching this via the Adult Swim app (episode just unlocked yesterday). During the mid-episode commercial break, there were 3 VERY aggressively pro-Israel commercials back-to-back (well, one Burger King commercial between the 2nd & 3rd). The subtext of the commercials was basically "Hamas = TERRORIST, Hamas = MUSLIM, therefore MUSLIM = TERRORIST." Anyone else seeing these, either on the app or on [as] itself?
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if you would seek revenge, dig two graves
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Wonder what happened to Diane Prime?
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