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Nora and a recently downloaded Nathan race to stop Freeyond before his head explodes. Meanwhile, Aleesha discovers the dark underbelly of Horizon is even darker than she knew, Ingrid discovers work, Luke discovers a grey zone, Tinsley discovers duplicates, Choak discovers that actions have consequences and AI Guy discovers a whole new world.
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Um, guys? After that ending I NEED to talk. Please tell me there are some other Upload watchers here?

Clearly Prime has figured out that I'm really considering cancelling, because this is the one thing that is keeping me subscribed and if they cancel I WILL cancel them.
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I thought S3 was a better return to form after a kind of hit and miss second season.
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Rednikki, there absolutely needs to be another season!
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We felt like the last half of the episodes all kind of started in medias res in ways that made us wonder if we had skipped an episode. In general, things seemed a bit all over the place.
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I don't know why I enjoy this show so much, but enjoy it I do. It did feel kinda like there should have been one more episode in S3, but then it feels like that at the end of every season, so...
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Well, last season there were meant to be two more episodes but there were COVID-related issues that shortened it.

I really enjoyed this season. I liked seeing the two Nathans evolve differently, and Ingrid evolve, period. Andy Allo did an excellent job of not just playing herself, but playing other characters in her skin. I also thought the difficult situation Aleesha was put in was really great – Zainab Johnson really knocked her character's many tensions and dilemmas out of the park. And Kevin Bigley and Owen Daniels are both always a lot of fun to watch. (Owen Daniels is Greg Daniels' son!)

The ending was starting to feel very sweet and treacly until we got the rug-pull that nothing was going to improve for the Uploads and all the materials were going to stay under lock and key. And the end, with a Viridian Dynamics-level ad juxtaposed with Uploads getting murdered, was REALLY well done.

This has not been a show that's been too keen on killing off beloved characters. And Nathan said "destroyed," which I don't think he would have said for Live!Nathan. I think Dupe!Nathan is the one that doesn't exist - or is seen as having been destroyed.
1. An AI Guy may have reskinned himself as Dupe!Nathan to distract the killers, and Dupe!Nathan is OK. (Since AI Elevator Guy was invited to the wedding, he in particular might have a reason to do this.)
2. Tinsley had time at her keyboard - there is a non-zero chance that she backed Nathan up. (I'd say it's like a 90% chance.)
3. This is all a bait and switch, and the person on the call is not Nathan at all.

This show often goes places we don't expect it to, so I await other theories.

Under_petticoat_rule has also pointed out that a live AI Guy wandered off in New York City, and we don't know what happened to him after that. It would be interesting if they brought him back.
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I've been enjoying this show, but it is so weird. Tonally, it's a lighthearted sitcom, but it consistently highlights the horrors of end-stage capitalism. I'm not sure if the tone provides the proverbial spoonful of sugar, or if it trivializes the serious aspects.
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So, I read this pan of the third season, and I nearly didn't watch the new season. I didn't have any of those problems with the show, and I still love Ingrid's journey toward becoming something more human.

Tonally, it's a lighthearted sitcom, but it consistently highlights the horrors of end-stage capitalism.

It feels very much of this moment, like an artistic embodiment of laugh-sob. Nathan and Nora's time with the farmers was so horrifying and still funny.
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