The Crown: Episodes 1-4: Persona Non Grata, Two Photographs, Dis-Moi-Oui, Aftermath
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The first four episodes of the season--the remaining ones featuring Diana--all dropped at once, so here's an overall post for all four. Also, Is The Crown Season 6 Accurate? Here’s What’s True and What’s False.
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I never, ever got the appeal of Dodi. For a guy who was supposed to be a rich handsome playboy, he didn't seem all that handsome, he didn't seem to even have any personality other than "does what Daddy tells him to," and his nickname sounds more appropriate for a 4-year-old. Same with the show as with real life, it seems. He's engaged, immediately throws over his fiancee (which happened in real life) to chase after a princess because daddy told him to? Because his entire personality is daddy's dog? That said, I did kind of enjoy Dodi's (imaginary) tell-off of his dad there.

That last phone call with the boys, awwwww.

I know the British hate Mohammad, probably for reasons of snobbery, and him being a wannabe, and also apparently being a jerk. But also making Mohammad the guy who set them up to be photographed when he didn't, hmmm.

LOL, future king of England having his mother brought back in a Harrod's van.

I don't know what to make of the whole Ghost Diana thing, because if she'd wanted to visit anyone it would have been the kids, not her ex and the like. I guess it's all just an imagination spot there.
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My well-informed source tells me Diana did learn piano but was the type who would play the first 8 bars of Moonlight Sonata before losing interest. Not really a mega-yacht cocktail party pianist type; in case you were wondering.
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This season is a bit of a miss for me so far. The “documentary” introductions to the photographers felt so weird. I think they were trying to pull the show closer to being “real” but in actuality all it accomplished was highlighting that none of these people are the real people. Bad choice imho.

I agree about the “ghost” scenes. Similarly bizarre gestalt happening but a departure from reality but in the opposite direction.

I haven’t looked into production on this season and if they diverged from whatever was planned after Elizabeth’s death last year, but it certainly feels to me like they wrapped Diana and then are waiting a month to give emotional space before they similarly wrap Liz?
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Diana and Dodi’s last days are such a crazy time to try to dramatise - minutely documented at the time and since - but with neither of the central characters left to tell the tale from their perspective. What were they both planning and was there any conceivable happy ending long term?I like how the show chose to convey the feeling of both being so relentlessly hounded by families and paparazzi that there was no escape.
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I realize they are trying to give Charles a sympathetic portrayal, but I don't buy him breaking down and weeping in the hospital over her body. Also, I'm reading Prince Harry's book, and the use of "darling boy" was a very poignant detail.
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Not directly show-related, but: as someone recently interested in the BRF, can anyone recommend any good documentaries about Diana?
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I don't have any I can specifically recommend that I've seen, but there's all kinds of British documentaries about the British Royal Family on YouTube I stumble across from time to time.
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