The Great British Bake Off: Patisserie Week
November 24, 2023 8:42 AM - Season 14, Episode 9 - Subscribe

It's the semi-final and the four remaining bakers take on an elegant French patisserie Signature and a buttery French classic in the Technical, before making a showstopping Italian celebration cake made up of delicate puff pastry layers.
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That one stung. Has there been a finale before with 3 men? Much less 3 white men under the age of… 45, i’m guessing?
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Season 3 was all male. John Whaite (winner), Brendon Lynch, and James Morton. However, Brendon was in his 60s while the other two were under 40.
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Thanks for posting cozenedindigo.

Heartbreaking! I got spoiled on Tasha leaving before watching (damn you Instagram) so couldn’t even watch most of the episode as I knew what was coming!

Also terrible, Noel’s pronunciation of financier!

The Great British Baking Show Recap: Such a Tart! [Vulture / Archive]
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I knew I was going to cry regardless, because they're all so lovely and it's horrible to see any of them go at this stage, but oh man did I cry about Tasha.

I know it sometimes happens that a front runner stumbles at just the wrong moment, but I was also screaming when she set herself up like that with the inverted puff pastry. Her pastry came together in the end, but the amount of time it ate up and the specter of failure put her completely on the back foot. If she'd pulled off a flawless bake, I think Matty mighty have gone home instead.
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I sort of thought Matty might go home anyway, since he had issues with his party, and Tasha's issues were with the curd and presentation. I would have been sad about either outcome.

Points to Dan for managing to get a handshake despite using matcha and Paul being a giant baby.
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Really sad to see her go, and simultaneously amazed that Matty keeps hanging on. Feels clear that the finale is a battle between Josh and Dan, and honestly I prefer Dan's wild swings to Josh's more measured approach.
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I've been team Tasha-but-Josh-if-I-must this whole time. Josh is so precise, I love that technical, perfectionist mindset. The editing has made it seem like things went so smoothly for him, not a hiccup or break in his quiet (confidence).

Can't say Tasha didn't buy her way off this week though. Such a graceful exit as well, I was happy to cheer for her up till now.
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I don't even care about the finale now, because Tasha is out. They seem like nice guys, but not one of them has really made an impression on me. I was super invested in the last all-dude finale, but apparently not this time.
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I don't think Matty has been hanging on. He's been Star Baker twice, the same as Dan and Josh (and Tasha, although hers were in weeks 2 and 3). Tasha didn't do well this week, she curdled her buttercream, was last in the technical (whereas Matty was second) and her showstopper was a bit of a mess. I know Matty messed up his puff pastry, but overall he made fewer errors than Tasha over the three bakes.

I am team Matty for the win, but if not, Dan. I suspect, though, that Josh, with his lack of personality but ultimately precise, unmemorable, bakes will take the crown.
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Josh’s Nan has had more screen time than Prue this season and I’m starting to suspect that the person in the photograph is actually Josh in a wig.

Dan reminds me of the friendly high school soccer coach in a British murder mystery series who turns out to be the perpetrator of unspeakable crimes.

Matty looks like the precise midway point on the line between Peter Falk and Colin Farrell.

I like all three and will be fine with any outcome.
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The vibe I get from Dan is that when he's away from the tent he's the meanest sergeant in His Majesty's 32d Loyal Fusilleers or some other ridiculously-named regiment.

I keep forgetting Matty's name because I just call him Jamie Tartt.
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I was sad to see Tasha go. That damned inverse pastry! It feels as though she overthought it and succumbed to the need to impress, rather than simply get the thing done. She could have done fine with the standard method, and I wish she were still in the game.

I was contemplating this: the winner of Bake Off often goes on to take their skills professional in some way. Tasha had the potential for that— I’d love to watch a show where viewers could learn baking skills and BSL! Dan and Matty could maybe do a double-act cooking show, but I don’t know whether either one could sustain a show on their own (in the way that Nadiya Hussain has, for example.)

Josh seems to me the most likely winner, and I don’t find him telegenic. I struggle to remember a single detail about him apart from “likes sports”. But his precision is notable, so if/when he publishes a book it will probably sell.

Just my thoughts, not meant to be universal. If anyone can offer me reasons to care about Josh, I’m all ears.
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Sad to see Tasha leave. I feel like, though, she’s been off her game a bit ever since the overheating/heat stroke incident. It definitely felt like she was battling against herself all through this episode.
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Calling Josh not telegenic is unnecessarily harsh especially on a week where he got his second star baker. Dude's a solid competitor and loves his Nan who inspires his bakes. Not every competitor needs to be outgoing. I liked all four semi-finalists. I'm sad to see Tash go. I predicted she would be a finalist along with Josh and Dan. But she definitely had a rough day.

I like all three finalists. I honestly don't know who is going to win at this point, but all three of them are impressive bakers.
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