Glitch: (2022, Kdrama)
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Glitch (2022) is a Korean scifi drama. Hong Ji-Hyo (Jeon Yeo-been) and Heo Bo-ra (Nana) are childhood friends who are obsessed with UFOs and alien abductions. Years later, they reunite to solve the mystery of Ji-hyo's mysteriously missing boyfriend, which leads to deeper and more sinister mysteries. It's on Netflix in the USA.

A fun thriller about the evolving friendship of the two female leads that involves lots of twists and turns. Minor note: the product placement is cigarettes, which gets old real fast.
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Since it seems I'm the only one who watched this, lol, I thought I'd offer some commentary on why I found it enjoyable.

This show is a metaphorical examination of religion and faith. The aliens represent God/god. The prophet lady who wrote the holy book represents the original people "touched by the light," who are truly inspired. The ditzy daughter of the prophetess represents the true believers who are not too bright and are willing to paper over any contradictions in their faith. The cult leader represents the people for whom belief is just a means to maintain power and control.

So the show examines this tension between the feeling that there must be something greater-than-human out there and the contradictory crappiness of established faith. It's a fun thriller with cool female leads, but there's some thinky stuff in there too.
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