What happens when your bad guy…is a bad guy
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Marvel has dropped Jonathan Majors after Majors was found guilty of assault. "Majors was positioned as the key figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the Disney-owned studio building its entire current story arc around Majors’ Kang the Conqueror." Majors has already portrayed Kang in the recent Ant Man and Loki productions.
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Reading the stuff he shouted at his partner is unbelievable. He's a "great man" on par with Mandela and King, so his partner must support him accordingly? How does that shit even exit your mouth without you realizing how messed up you are?

Oh well, plenty of chance to either (a) recast Kang, or (b) choose a different baddie for the next few movies. Loki season 2 basically dealt with Kang anyway.
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Someone suggested taking Ravonna from Loki and saying she's just a Kang variant and let her slide into the remaining roles. I like that idea.

Secondary suggestion of recasting the role is my next preferred outcome.

The other, and probably more major, suggestion has been to just bring in Victor Doom to take over the big bad reveal or something. I'm not familiar with Doom enough to understand how that works, but it'd be a weird build up with Kang only to right turn suddenly to another villain.
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Sending in Ravonna makes a lot of sense. The character has a connection to Kang, and the actor is charismatic.
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I don’t see a problem with recasting the character. It’s done all the time and audiences just roll with it. In Kang’s case, the actor hasn’t become one with the character to where the general public will find the change offputting or jarring*. I mean, how many Spidermen have there been, exactly? Batmen?

And, we’re talking about comic book space, which comes pre-loaded with all manner of hand-wavey rationalizations for weird shit happening.

* Yeah, some nerds are gonna have fits about recasting, but *shrugs* Nerds are going to nerd, regardless.
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There are rumors that Colman Domingo is on a shortlist for the recast....
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