Special: A Muppet Family Christmas (1987)
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From 1987. Fozzy invites all of his friends to join him at his mother Emily Bear's farm for Christmas, disrupting her plan to vacation in Malibu and rent her home to a couple of boarders. They're joined by a few friends from Sesame Street and Kermit and Robin an interesting discovery below the house.

This is my all-time favourite Christmas special. We had it on home video but some of the songs were edited out due to rights restrictions. Fortunately, the entire show is available on YouTube, even with the original commercials.
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Oops: I selected "Special" for the show name thinking that it was for TV specials, not realizing it was for a show called "Special."
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I love this one so much. It has all the Muppets!

The extended melody of Christmas songs is such a delight. It's 10 minutes!

When Jim Henson says "I like it when they have a good time" at the end, I cry every single time.

I joke that Muppets are as close as I get to religion, but ...
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When I was choosing a MeFi username “Hi I’m Maureen the Mink” was pretty high up on the list
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Watch out for that icy patch!
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I missed out on watching it this year, but it's still one of my favorites, it's so *cozy* when they all get together.
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