The Blacklist: Ruslan Denisov (No. 67)
February 13, 2015 11:35 AM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Keen and Ressler go to Uzbekistan to negotiate for a captured CIA agent, but encounter meddling all around. Meanwhile, a DC detective investigates the disappearance of the harbormaster.
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Ended up watching this last night.

The biggest thing that bugged me was KenDoll and Keen being surprised that Red was handling the negotiations. Come on, you've known the guy for more than three nanoseconds, and you're somehow not expecting him to be working an angle?
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From the episode:

"The US government says this isn't torture. What do you think?"
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I was glad to see the consequences of Keen keeping Tom locked up and the death of Ames coming back to haunt her. I don't know that I want the return of Tom, but I didn't like to think that the storyline was just going to be ignored. Ug, I suppose Red is going to have to "save" her. Yes, Red is awesome, and I love his one-liners, and shameless deal-mongering, but does everything have to be at be at the expense of Keen and her development? As fffm points out - will she ever learn?
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This episode was a fine example of Red playing the long game; "you say that as if it's a bad thing!". So he gets rid of the Americans and brings in the French. And also sets up the bad guy Denisov as a potential dictator of the country - seed planting. Eastern European countries have leaders from darker backgrounds, and the acknowledgment of post-USSR collapse is dealt with rather well, showing how ripe it was (and still is) for entrepreneurs.
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It's kind of neat to see Red at his 'day job', doing what he does when he's not working on Liz or the Fulcrum. This is probably one of dozens of bread-and-butter operations he does just to finance the lifestyle.
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And Faran Tahir!
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