Echo: Maya
January 10, 2024 4:02 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Inside to avoid spoilers.

The lives of Maya's family hang in the balance when Fisk's army invade the Choctaw Nation powwow.
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Loved this mini series! More coherent thoughts soon.
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First: Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin is the gift that just keeps on giving. He's SO GOOD.

Second: Maya's finishing move against Kingpin is the most interesting and mature and satisfying conclusion to an end fight that I've seen in the MCU. They finally figured out a way to do a heroic ending that isn't either "I am the best puncher, I punch the hardest" or "I have a nearly endless capacity for suffering and self-sacrifice." Honestly I'm still agog. What stellar writing.
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Fantastic writing, excellent disability representation, beautiful costuming, this was one of the best Marvel shows!
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A beautiful and surprising show I will be re-watching soon.
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I got some Avatar/Korra vibes from the imagery in the last fight. It is absolutely a more interesting power set than Taskmaster lite.
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When Maya found the outfit that her grandmother made for her, was anyone else thinking, "No, don't go into battle with that, you'll ruin all her beautiful stitching and sewing!!!!"

My main complaint about the show is that most of Maya's back-home family felt underdeveloped, just place-holders for characters with more depth and backstory. I think that's probably a function of the relative brevity of the series -- 5 episodes, all under 50 minutes I think. That's barely 1.5 Marvel films. My second complaint is that I still find VD's Kingpin to be forced at times. Maybe it's just his voice, but something about it rings false. Again, maybe just me.

Just remembered one of the funniest moments, first scene in the antique shop/pawn shop/repair shop, when the owner is trying to sell the milquetoast wypipo some artwork and he chants in his best Hollywood Indian voice, "BUYthedamnthing BUYthedamnthing."
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