Destroy All Neighbors (2024)
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Struggling prog-rock musician William Brown finds himself in a living nightmare when he accidentally kills Vlad, the neighbor from hell.

Starring Jonah Ray Rodrigues (Mystery Science theatre 3000, podcasts) and Alex Winter (Bill and Ted, Freaked, The Lost Boys). Directed by Josh Forbes.

71% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Streaming on Shudder.
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I feel very seen in this movie.

I've seen some middling reviews, and yeah, fair. This is a solid 7/10 movie. Maybe the whole is a little lesser than its parts, but there are some great parts. Of course, it's the kind of 7/10 that for me is like an 8 or 9.

Great practical effects, a fair amount of gore, the cast is all great, and it is funny. I'd say it's in the realm of like Cemetery Man/Delamorte Delamore (less misogyny tho!) and Ash vs Evil Dead (with a little less gore and violence). Or maybe elevated Troma (I can't believe I just wrote that sentence. PUKE!).
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Fun movie, thanks for the recommendation, via your comparables!

I really like Lennon, and what a coup to get a Nanjiani cameo. And... that's Alex Winter of Bill & Ted Alex Winter who does Vlad!
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William Brown? Please tell me his band is called The Outlaws.
posted by Grangousier at 12:05 AM on January 19

Also starring Randee Heller, aka Daniel LaRusso's mom from The Karate Kid as Eleanor.
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