All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: January 17, 2024
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The world championship is in contention as Hook puts his 29-1 reocrd up against Samoa Joe. Is tonight the night Tony Khan straps a rocket to the young fella? Plus Deonna Purrazzo faces Anna Jay, Best Friends vs. serious luchadors, and we actually have all four members of Private Party and Top Flight healthy at the same time!

Quotes from The Wrestling Observer

TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage (c) (w/Nick Wayne & Killswitch) defeated Dustin Rhodes
"I thought this was a fantastic opener with the predictable interference somewhat kept to a minimum in regards to usual Cage matches. Rhodes continues to show that age is just a number, as he had the fans biting at near falls at the end and his kicking out of the Killswitch only got the crowd behind him even more."

The internet informs me that the last time these two men were in a match was a 2003 episode of WWE Raw. Quite surprised that anyone kicked out of the Killswitch. I guess bestowing the name on Luchasaurus diluted it's power?
Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta (w/Chuck Taylor) defeated Penta El Zero Miedo & Komander (w/Rey Fenix & Alex Abrahantes)
"This was an action packed sprint of a match that definitely felt more like a Tornado Tag. [...] Post match, we almost got a trio Best Friends hug for the first time in a while, but The Undisputed Kingdom music hit as Roderick Strong & The Kingdom came to the ring. Strong told Cassidy to take off his glasses and questioned if being International Champion has become too much, since he’s taking tag team matches now instead of defending his title? Strong said that title belongs to him and he’s coming for it. Cassidy said they can do it right here and now, but Strong declined, saying Cassidy will have to wait until Revolution."
Mark Briscoe came out for a touching remembrance of his brother Jay on the first year anniversary of his passing.

"Renee Paquette is sitting backstage with The Young Bucks (and their new mustaches), who requested Paquette refer to them by their God given names, Nicholas & Matthew Jackson. They are Executive Vice Presidents and it’s time to take this job more serious. [...] Matthew said they used to say “Change the World” and were doing just that until they lost their way and the culture changed and toxicity seeped in. Matthew said it was due to lean into self serving, superficial “superstars” and says Sting is anything but that, as he’s hopeful people talk about themselves that way years for now. Sting is the last of a dying breed, but in order to change the world, they need to say goodbye to Sting and anyone like him."

Ring Of Honor Six-Man Championship Match: Switchblade Jay White & The Gunns (Austin & Colten) defeated Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony (c) (Toa Liona & Bishop Kaun w/Prince Nana)
"Despite a commercial break in the middle, this certainly felt like this match had its time cut, as they added so much into this. Once they came back from break, it was an all out sprint and it ultimately led to new champs. Unfortunately with the storyline going on between Bullet Club Gold & The Acclaimed, The Mogul Embassy holding the titles isn’t necessary at the moment, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here and if the proposed Bang Bang Scissor Gang will actually happen.

[...] Cage was dropped with 3:10 to Yuma by the Gunns, leaving Kaun & White alone, as Nana tripped up White, allowing Kaun to hit a fireman’s carry gutbuster for two. Kaun took the ref, as Nana wanted a belt shot, but Anthony Bowens sprinted to the ring and took the title from Nana. White fought out a school boy, laid out Kaun with a Blade Runner and won the match and the titles. Post match, The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass stood on the stage with the AEW Trios Titles, while Bullet Club Gold were in the ring with their titles, realizing Bowens’ help got them the victory, especially Austin Gunn."

I suppose these two teams will team up eventually, but I will still bang the drum that says “The trios belts between the two companies can be unified, please.”
Deonna Purrazzo defeated Anna Jay
"A lot of this match happened during commercial, as the bigger story was the post match call out by Purrazzo for the AEW Women’s Champion. Toni Storm continues to be one of the best characters in wrestling and tonight was no different."

Tony Schiavone was out sick today, so Ian Riccaboni filled in. Toni Storm told "Schiavone" that he's never looked so handsome as today and kept trying to feed him chocolates. I want a gif of her stroking the top of Ian's scalp while he looks to the camera in confusion. Also I like that she's continuing William Regal's joke about referring to Excalibur as “Man In The Mask”.
Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) defeated Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin)
"I could be wrong, but I believe this is the first time these two teams have faced each other in AEW. It’s nice to see all of these guys healthy after suffering so many setbacks over the last few years. This was Kassidy & Quen’s first win as a tag team since September of 2022 on an episode of Elevation. I’m hopeful this won’t be the last time these two teams meet on AEW TV."

Private Party were working heel this match, and the finish was only marred a little bit -- Marq Quen was obviously supposed to grab the ropes for help during the finish like a cheaty cheater, but his roll-up pin was so clean he nearly forgot to grab them!
AEW World Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) defeated HOOK
"I liked that this was commercial free, as it kept the action going and there was never a down moment where you knew they were killing time for a break. HOOK put up one hell of a fight in this and I even bit that it was all over after the Muscle Buster, but the crowd went wild for the comeback as even in defeat, HOOK looked strong. I feared all would’ve been forgotten with Strickland & Page showing up for the staredown with Joe, but thankfully HOOK got his flowers from the crowd post match. Samoa Joe continues to be one of the best in the business, as he made HOOK look fantastic in this one.

[...]Joe taunted HOOK, who flipped off Joe, as a powerbomb against the edge of the ring followed. Referee Bryce called on doctors, who tended to HOOK, as Taz wanted to check on his son, but stayed back, as HOOK shoved the doctor out of the way and broke the count at 9. HOOK rolled right into a Joe snap powerslam and Death Valley Driver, both of which got two counts. Joe hit a Muscle Buster, but HOOK kicked out at one and the crowd went crazy, as did Taz. HOOK ran wild with a series of clotheslines before dishing out body shots and a massive T-Bone Suplex. HOOK wanted REDRUM, but Joe blocked it and countered into the Coquina Clutch, sinking it in deep. HOOK slowly faded and the arm dropped three times to give Joe the victory."

Props to the booking for not having Taz interfere for his son in any way, despite him being in obvious concern throughout the commentary, especially after two awful-looking backbumps Hook suffered outside the ring. Also, the fact that Joe didn't win by being dumb muscle, eventually winning with the same rear naked choke that Hook uses as a finisher, which is the same way he beat MJF in December for the title.
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Also, in the "Where's Eddie Kingston this week?" department, he was at NJPW Battle in the Valley on January 13, where he defended his entire Triple Crown Championship against Gabe Kidd until the two of them brawled to the outside and got a double count-out. Alex Coughlin & Clark Connors -- Kidd's buddies in Bullet Club War Dogs -- then came out to beat Kingston more.

Which leads us to this chilling Eddie Kingston promo.
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