Special Event: Mystery Fandom Theater 3000: ELIMINATORS
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The fourth of five Mystery Fandom Theater 3000 fan-made episodes, this one riffing the movie Eliminators. A "Mandroid" fights against his(?) master, who has a time machine. It's got so much cheese it might as well be a pizza.
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We're about to run out of stuff to show again, but for now we're still having shows Thursday nights at https://cytu.be/r/metafilter_mst3kclub, with the episode beginning at 9 PM US Eastern/6 PM Pacific! If you can make it for Eliminators it sounds ridiculous, and the MFT3000 people made some pretty funny episodes!
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I would totally come if that wasn't my GURPS night!
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This is another one where I have to sheepishly admit that I was unaware there was an MST episode. I just... actually kinda like the movie. It's one of the small collection of physical DVDs I've kept for the occasions when some new friend makes the profound mistake of inviting me to a movie night.

Possibly more than any other film, this one perfectly illustrates what was going on inside of my brain as a 6-year-old playing with action figures, with all the relationship to reality and coherent narrative that implies. Just absolute nonsense.
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I was in my early teens when this came out. The trailer for it played constantly on TV. Each and every one of my fellow male classmates all thought it looked like the greatest film ever made. And watching it... maybe not but we all enjoyed it thoroughly. I still like it but it is a movie made for and by overheated adolescent brains. How you feel about that should tell you whether this is for you or not.
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Watching the trailer for Eliminators, I wonder how I ever missed it! This would have been perfect for my 10 yr old self.

Interesting factoid: the "Mandroid" was played by Patrick Reynolds, grandson of tobacco company founder RJ Reynolds, who became an anti-smoking advocate after his father RJ Jr. died as a result of smoking.
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Phobos the Space Potato, I think I should make sure you understand, this is not an MST, a Mystery Science Theater, episode. It's a MFT, Mystery Fandom Theater, episode. (It's really not a NFT episode, whatever that would be it would be terrible.) That explains why you hadn't heard of it before, MFT is pretty obscure, and they only made five, and the fifth is entirely shorts.

As we try to decide where to take MST Club now that we've run out of episodes twice, it looks like we're going to aim for more fan content for awhile.
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