The Kitchen (2023)
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In a dystopian future London where all social housing has been eliminated, Izi and Benji fight to navigate the world as residents of The Kitchen, a community that refuses to abandon their home.
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I like dystopian stories about people just trying to live their lives.

This is pretty light on plot, but I think it works. Kane Robinson has such a gorgeous, expressive face. Even when Izi is holding his emotions in (which is all the time), it's so clear from his face. I loved it.

I liked how this didn't really bother to explain the hows and whys of this reality. It just was. It didn't matter how this society got here. People needed to deal with it.

Ian Wright's Lord Kitchener was 100% calling back to Samuel L. Jackson's Mister SeƱor Love Daddy from Do the Right Thing. (I do think Wright's presence probably has a bigger impact on UK audiences than non-UK ones, but it still worked.)

I enjoyed this quite a bit but I think it's maybe too subtle and quiet for a lot of people who want a "sci-fi" movie. This is very much in my wheelhouse, though, and I'm glad I watched it.
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