Percy Jackson and the Olympians: "We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of"   Show Only 
January 24, 2024 12:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Percy makes a stand, Grover has a *very bad day* and Annabeth displays previously hidden gifts.

What's up with Grover's shoes?
What did Annabeth regret so deeply?
What is Hades reaaaaaaly up to?
Why was everything on screen so Dark? Seriously it felt like watching something thought a muddy fishtank for most of the 'underworld' sections...

Next week is the final episode of the season !
posted by Faintdreams (4 comments total)
So good! I thought the depiction of Asphodel was particularly moving, and I, too, am wondering about Annabeth's regrets.

Yes, the darkness on screen was a problem. My TV is 15-ish years old, and while it was good for its time, no amount of fiddling with the settings can compensate for the aesthetic of shows built for visual depth in 4K or better. It's especially a problem for shadows in newer shows.
posted by cupcakeninja at 4:57 AM on January 25

Was the implication that Annabeth had stolen Hades helm (that grants invisibility to the wearer?) and used it to steal the bolt (which was in her backpack?). I wasn’t clear to me what happened when she got rooted and also how she reappeared above ground.
posted by autopilot at 6:31 AM on January 25

I think I'm used to shows being dark. Here and Apple TV have extremely dark....everything.

Did enjoy the whole Hades thing. "What, no, I just want my HELM...oh, wait, never mind...."
posted by jenfullmoon at 6:39 AM on January 25

The implication was that *someone* had stolen Hades' helm and used it to steal the Lightning.

I've been assuming Annabeth's cap is the Helm, but she cited it as having been a gift from her mother. Unless it was a very recent gift I am not sure how the timeline works out there.

Grover mentioned when he was talking to Ares that he'd seen the god before because there is some kind of (yearly?) field trip to Olympus where all the kids go and have a meet and greet/worship with their parents. Just before the most recent of these, someone swiped the Helm of Darkness. Nobody knew about this because Hades can't be bothered to go to Olympus for meetings. Then, during the party, that someone used the Helm to sneak in and steal the Bolt. This all has to have happened before Percy went to Camp because Hades only had the motivation to kidnap/save his mom after all that happened.

Annabeth does not act as though she only got the baseball cap of invisibility this summer. This timeline also brings up the question of why everyone thinks Percy is the thief, because he couldn't have been on the field trip when the theft happened.

While Ares is an antagonist, he's not the only god who had a chance to drop something in Percy's bag. Hermes (god of thieves, remember) could have tampered with the bag in Las Vegas.
posted by Karmakaze at 11:10 AM on January 26

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