Constantine: Waiting For The Man
February 14, 2015 10:12 AM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Jim Corrigan calls John and Zed down to New Orleans to help with the case of a dessicated security guard; Papa Midnite attempts to claim a bounty on John's life.
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Easily the closest the show has felt to the original comics, in part because it directly adapted an early story (Hellblazer #4), and even more because Constantine was more Constantine-y than ever before.

(As a former smoker of 22 years who is thankful to have quit, and who would strongly discourage anyone from ever starting to smoke, I have to say that Constantine smoking in every other scene just...well...felt right. Just as Constantine bitterly staggering out of a bar in the rain to piss against an alleyway wall felt right. He's a scuzzy dude. That's the character. You don't have to like that character, but if you're going to portray him, that's how you do it.)

I liked it a lot. The Man was rewritten into sort of a Carcosa the Cable Guy, but that worked. The little girls were eerie as hell. The stuff with Jim Corrigan was interesting. Gary's cameo was cool. Papa Midnite was cool. I missed Chas, but like the way Manny is evolving into a real participant in the stories. It was an extremely busy hour, but everything got a chance to play out completely. It's either a strong finish or a good sign.
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Well, nuts. Sounds like I picked the wrong episode to skip.
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I also liked it a lot. Many fun surprises—Gary Lester, dead but helpful! Papa Midnite losing his antique Winchester! Manny becoming interesting! And in a particularly chilling moment, Corrigan seeming to get a step closer to becoming a creature of vengeance rather than law. Kittens is right that they fit a lot into a tight episode, and followed the book story as closely as they ever have. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a second season.
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I watched about 8 minutes before the smoking got to be too much for me. Ugh.
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Carcosa the Cable Guy

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So is this going to be the series finale?
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Yeah, I am pleased with how the show developed. I was disappointed in the beginning of the series, but it feels like things are coming together. Compared to the earlier episode with the hunger demon and the sacrifice of Gary Lester, this story was more satisfying to me in keeping the feel of the original book version of the story (gross, dirty, unholy.)

There isn't any word yet on whether the show will be picked up for a second season. The weak ratings makes it dicey, and even if it is picked up, it will probably be for another short season. Which is too bad. I think it could really take off given a full season to flesh out its storylines.
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...and it's cancelled. *pours out pint of bitter*
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"There was a rumor while ago about a possible move from NBC to cable sibling Syfy, which turned out to be false"

That's too bad, it would have fit in quite nicely there. I seem to recall similar rumors back when Kings got canceled. It would be nice if these shows could simply get moved to a new home instead of canceled outright.
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Didn't think the network lawyers would work it out, but, it's happening - Constantine Lives...on The CW's Arrow
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