Suitable Flesh (2023)
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Psychiatrist Elizabeth Derby becomes not-altogether-professionally interested in the case of a young man who is much more than he seems. Based (very loosely) on H.P. Lovecraft's "The Thing on the Doorstep."

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The spiritual successor of Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator and From Beyond. It's schlock of the very best kind. Everyone understood the assignment and committed 100%. Heather Graham is a hoot. The literally do not make movies like this anymore. It was like stepping into a time machine to the late 80s/early 90s and going to the video store, or staying up late to watch Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater.
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Watched this last year and I liked, but it never reaches the goopy and horny heights of classics like From Beyond or Society. That said, I don't think that it was trying to. I felt like this was trying for more of a '90s Erotic Thriller with a Lovecraftian twist than straight '80s horror schlock and stumbled in a few places because of it, maybe because that's new ground for Joe Lynch.

I am glad to see someone try to make something a little spicy. I'm getting sick of ponderous elevated horror films about nebulous trauma.
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One of the things that's interesting to me about Suitable Flesh is that it works with the kinds of Big Themes that "elevated horror" does -- in this case, gender and identity -- and very resolutely makes a fast, visceral, funny, and in no way ponderous b-movie about them. Joe Lynch is, frankly, not Stuart Gordon, and if this movie is not made with the deft command of tone that something like Re-Animator was, well, for mere mortals handling material like this, it's probably all you can do to hang on.
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Hell yeah, make horror horny again! Heather Graham and Barbara Crampton as besties is something I never knew I wanted but I'm so glad I got to experience.

This delivered everything that was advertised above; thanks for posting about this film! There were some really nice moments of visual creativity and it all moves at a good pace. It reminded me a little of Lifechanger minus the mumblegore and a healthy addition of B-movie cheese and unrelenting references to Lovecraft.
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I loved this movie for all the reasons listed above, and I think it deserves the Oscar for Best Use of a Backup Camera.
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The plot is a little telegraphed up front, but I can't say I wasn't entertained watching Joe Lynch attempt to make a Joe Eszterhas script as directed by Stuart Gordon.
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I laughed out loud when they showed Eddie's picture on her phone and it became clear he was a fish guy.

Like, Is Joe Lynch on MetaFilter?

Joe, if you're here, say hi.
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Ia! Ia!'90s Basic Cable Production Values f'taghn!

We found the first 1/3 a bit of a slog, with the Red Shoe Diaries sets and acting, and the doughy "sexy" kid vibing like Vincent Kartheiser and not bringing nearly as much heat as a jacked and oft-shirtless Johnathon Schaech, but once the bonkers hit, it rolled along really nicely.

I do wonder -- if you can just shoot the body-swap victim and keep the body, all the extra cell phone calls and so on seem like a lot of additional faff. But maybe I'm overthinking it.

Graham and Crampton certainly understood the assignment, mad respect to Graham for leaning in hard.

And yes: the back-up camera gag was solid gold.
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Heather Graham's office freaked me out more than anything else. Like, a $10 refurb of a prison cell. That tiny desk gave me fits.
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For real. It really felt like they were down to the last few bucks in the budget and decided that was where they'd cut corners.
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