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As the manhunt for Jules intensifies, Imogene uncovers his criminal past - and finds a new witness.
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I am enjoying this series in spite of its flaws, mostly because I'm here for a locked room mystery in an interesting setting where everyone is a suspect. The turn at the end where Leila is afraid to say Viktor Sams' name felt a bit weird. Shades of the first season of Sherlock but without the impact, since we've heard Imogene and Rufus talk about him already.
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Yeah, this isn't perfect but I'd much rather have a show like this that takes big swings than something that plays it a bit more safely or formulaically. There are plenty of mysteries out there that start with big mysteries and the sequence of events ultimately winds up making the world of the show feel small; I enjoy that this show has, so far, managed to make the world feel bigger even as the coincidences and ties between characters grow denser. (Making Jules a decent guy who plays fast and loose with the rules, but doesn't seem wildly connected to the other events, is a really good example. It might get reversed by the end! But for the moment, it's working.)

The turn at the end where Leila is afraid to say Viktor Sams' name felt a bit weird

On the one hand, I get where you're coming from on this. On the other, Imogene and Rufus are talking about what they think is an alias, and someone they haven't interacted with directly. Leila could be much more intimately involved, and therefore has a reason to be even more scared of him. I mean, if Sams was able to inspire the sister of the head of staff to murder ... that's something that could intimidate someone on the wrong end of their charisma.
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Do we think Viktor Sams is someone on the boat?

If so, there are relatively few suspects old enough to have arranged the death of Imogene's mother. Since Sams is an alias, I guess it could be a Dread Pirate Roberts situation, and current Sams could be a successor to 18 years ago Sams.

Celia Chun would make a good Moriarty type.

No way Winnie did it, she's just protecting Teddy (so many plush bear adjacent names in that family).
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I half wonder if Viktor Sams IS Imogene's mother, though a Dread Pirate Roberts Situation would be fun (especially with, y'know, Manday Patinkin).

Also, I have to imagine the Governor is being poisoned (likely through the vitamin shots), and I wonder if she will be the next victim.
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I'm calling it now, Rufus Cotesworth is the killer / Viktor Sams.
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I'm calling it now, Rufus Cotesworth is the killer / Viktor Sams.

That's occurred to me, too—but doesn't that violate one of the fundamental rules of mystery writing? They still might do it, but I think it would mean a lot of annoyed mystery fans.
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I really struggled with this one. The main thing for me was the Ukrainian refugees. WHY? The ship belongs to Sunil - is it illegal for him to transport Ukrainian refugees? Why are they all so afraid of getting caught? Where did they come from and where are they going? They've never specified where the ship sailed from or where it is headed, but it's a pleasure cruise for a bunch of rich people -- surely it has launched from a safe point of call, will spend some time at see, and return to where it came from? So if Jules already managed to get them to a safe city, presumably in Europe somewhere, why do they need to get on the ship at all? What the hell?

It seems like one of the writers thought up "Ukrainian refugees" as a way to sound current, and then never gave another ounce of thought to whether it made a lick of sense.
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Here's some nonsense that won't pan out:
The alley scene was a performance, but arranged by Sunil. Jules was needed to bring the refugees onboard with deniability for Sunil.

The refugees aren't refugees, but are in on some scheme with Sunil. Yeva is a vampire and... no, that's too much.

I am curious about the guard who was keeping folks in their cabins. He got lots of screen time.
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The turn at the end where Leila is afraid to say Viktor Sams' name felt a bit weird.

I swear "Viktor Sams" should be an anagram for something. But it isn't.

It made sense to me, she knows Victor Sams is a powerful person with followers rather than just a murderer's alias.

My prediction: It's a Keyzer Soze situation rather than a Dread Pirate Roberts one.
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