Hazbin Hotel: Overture
February 5, 2024 12:23 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

"Charlie pitches Heaven her plan to save sinners by way of redeeming themselves through her hotel. Vaggie enlists the staff to make a commercial to promote the hotel." An animated musical series streaming on Amazon Prime, based on the 2019 pilot.
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I've really enjoyed this so far. Even after a few episodes, the musical numbers are still surprising and still good. I may be wrong, but Charlotte's numbers have a strong Disney-princess quality. Well, Charly is a princess after all.

I did not think I would warm up to Angel Dust or Husk, but the series has proven me wrong. They're an odd lot, to be sure, but not as hopeless as they first appeared.

Regarding the language in the show, well, I'm a little salty in my speech, but it's still surprising to hear other people talk like that, particularly in song!

And I really want to know Alastor's deal. Mr. Radio Voice definitely has an agenda, but is he up to no good... or no evil?
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I really enjoyed Helluva Boss and this feels a lot more focused?
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I was lukewarm on Helluva Boss, but this works much better for me, mainly because of Charlie. In her, this show has a real beating heart. Her voice actress is excellent. I genuinely never knew Disney/Broadway-esque songs were a shortcut to my feelings, but here we are.

Having Stephanie Beatriz and Keith David in the cast also helps!
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Yeah wow, I feel like an old geezer watching this animation style - I do so much rewinding and freeze-framing!

Anyway it was the musical qualities that sold me, like, maybe more than they should.

I mean I can't even tell which YouTube comments I like more: the ones calling them Disney songs with deliberate cuss words so you know it's not Disney, or the ones that call for Awards.
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