Abbott Elementary: Career Day Part 1
February 8, 2024 7:52 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Welcome back to a new school year. Janine's got plans. Ava's got a new outlook. We get to meet some of the people from the school district.
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On the one hand, "the camera crew got mugged" cracked me up... and then oh, they still had footage of past time anyway. Sigh. What was that supposed to be, Ava's hidden cameras?

I had wondered if Ava got some knockoff Harvard shirt and then realized she'd customized her name. Brilliant!
I'm bummed that the options are Too Strict Ava vs. Dubious Ava, but there you go. That said, I did enjoy the dancing.

GREGORY ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO POSE WITH ARMS and do deep voice....and then the shame.

I felt so bad for Melissa and her now-ex. And Janine. "I put a period on that."

Of COURSE Gregory is the one who ended up under the tarp.

The "I miss your friendship" bit hit home for me. I truly don't get how people get back to being normal friends after something like that happens, though. I have never been able to.
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On the one hand, "the camera crew got mugged" cracked me up... and then oh, they still had footage of past time anyway. Sigh. What was that supposed to be, Ava's hidden cameras?

I watched this on Hulu last night, which I think had both parts in one episode so not sure if it's a spoiler, but the camera crew had footage up to the happy hour with Janine, Jacob, and Gregory, when Janine is stressing about the school district offer.

Then we see via Ava's hidden cameras the conversation between Janine and Gregory where they joke about the camera crew not being there because the film crew got mugged last night going home from happy hour (and of course Ava is all too delighted to spill the tea while getting the camera crew caught up on the juicy gossip. I think she was literally eating popcorn?).

I think that's the only "missing" past footage. The rest was from Career Day.

So the filmed timeline is everything up to that happy hour, the Ava footage from the day after happy hour, and then Career Day.

Anyway, after what feels like forever being unable to get into this show for whatever reason, recently I tried again and am now officially a Fan, binging through the last two seasons in two weeks in order to get caught up in time for the new season. I'm excited!

Also, I love Josh Segarra, so I'm enjoying him as the relentlessly positive (and political?) school district rep and am happy to include him as part of the Abbott team.

(By political, I mean I do think he wants to make a difference, but he's got that politician smile and that firm way of dealing with people underneath his positive exterior -- thinking of how he handled Barbara -- that makes me think it's not all out of the goodness of his heart. Idk. I'm happy to be wrong. But it's just a vibe I'm getting, probably based too much on personal experience with those kinds of people.)
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I think had both parts in one episode

Ah thank you, I watched it on a friend's Plex and was like "Wait, this is super long" so I think this thread should probably be for Eps one and two?

I love Josh Segarra

Agree entirely, he's got such presence as this sort of not-that-big (yet?) character. Was good to see him and I hope he does have a more complicated arc this season.


Right? That was funny. I think part of it is that the "arms guy" is not the way he is with Janine (she's into his big old brain and nerdiness, seems like) so we don't see that part come out that often.

Was fun to see the Eagles, particularly Jason Kelce since his brother's been so much in the news lately. I hope we see Melissa's guy again but good for her (and the Eagles, and the show writers) for letting her make the choice which is right for her.
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Tickled to see Benjamin Norris, a highlight from Never Have I Ever, playing it straight here. Would love to see more of him!
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I loved this bit with Barbara:

Barbara: Ava said she stopped listening to the Town Women.
Gregory: City Girls.
Barbara: But I know there's one song she cannot resist. Jacob, whip out the Walkman.
Jacob: Phone.
Barbara: Open up Napster.
Jacob: Spotify.
Barbara: Jesus, close your ears. Come on.

On another note, an essay by William Stanford Davis, who like Mr. Johnson, had many jobs before he found the perfect place to land: Abbott Elementary Gave Me My Greatest Success, Four Decades Into My Career.
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So glad this is back, excellent opening double episode!

Read a nice essay by William Stanford Davis who plays Mr Johnson.
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Also! Abbott Elementary Season-Premiere Recap: Janine’s New Job [Vulture / Archive]
What Abbott Elementary Does (And Doesn’t) Owe to The Office [Vulture / Archive]
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New episodes finally dropped on Disney Plus here in Finland and I was very excited. I got really worried the writers were going to have Janine mess up the career day over trying to micromanage Jalen Hurts, and I was so happy they actually highlighted her competence.
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