(500) Days of Summer (2009)
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[TRAILER] Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), greeting-card writer and hopeless romantic, is caught completely off-guard when his girlfriend, Summer (Zooey Deschanel), suddenly dumps him. He reflects on their 500 days together to try to figure out where their love affair went sour, and in doing so, Tom rediscovers his true passions in life.

Also starring Geoffrey Arend, Chloë Grace Moretz, Matthew Gray Gubler, Clark Gregg, Key Williams, Patricia Belcher, Rachel Boston, Minka Kelly, Maile Flanagan, Yvette Nicole Brown, Olivia Bagg, Richard McGonagle.

Directed by Marc Webb. Written by Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber. Produced by Mason Novick, Jessica Tuchinsky, Mark Waters, Steven J. Wolfe for Dune Entertainment/Fox Searchlight. Cinematography by Eric Steelberg. Edited by Alan Edward Bell. Music by Mychael Danna, Rob Simonsen.

85% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently streaming in the US on Hulu and Hoopla. JustWatch.
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I'm a little surprised this was never posted before. I mean, not as surprised as I was that Sony saw this and said, "He should make some Spider-Man movies" but still.
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Wait, when did he play Spider-Man?
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I hated this movie so much I buried the DVD deep in the trash. Normally I'm fastidious about recycling & donating items. But this needed to be taken out of circulation.

Maybe notable that this was made before incels were such a thing in the culture. Because this is an intel fantasy through and through.
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It's got its problems, but I still love the "You Make My Dreams Come True" scene.
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Wait, when did he play Spider-Man?

Not JGL (although could you imagine??? Because I could. Or at least a charming villain. Maybe a crossover with his character from The Dark Knight Rises if we have to keep it in the family. Anyway. I just really love some JGL, so as problematic as this film is, I still have a soft spot for it, although I don't know that I could rewatch it without wanting to throw all the things).

The director, Derek Webb, did the Amazing Spider-Man films with Andrew Garfield.
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Oh shoot, I mean the director Marc Webb!

...This is what I get for typing comments while pretending to do other work...
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I absolutely love this film. The dance sequence is so much fun, and the performances from both leads are great. I agree, though, that the plotline hasn't aged well.
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Because this is an intel fantasy through and through.

Note to straight women: Only date AMD users.
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ARM all the way.

The most notable thing for me was how much of the film was shoot around our neighborhood in downtown LA. There is the (currently closed) park by Angel’s Flight, the Bradbury Building, and even the entrance to the building next to our store.
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