Death and Other Details: Tragic
February 13, 2024 3:35 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Imogene is betrayed by someone close to her as more victims fall prey to Viktor Sams.
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Loved this episode, and the Frank Black song was perfect. I'm at the point in the season where I hope that there'll be another season, even though we've got quite a few episodes to go.
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I’m prepared to be wrong but until I see a corpse I’m operating under the assumption that Mathers faked his suicide.
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I liked this episode better than the last. I'm not sure about what another season might be like but I am not sure how down I am for it. I'm enjoying this show for the mystery in spite of its flaws. However, I don't find any of these characters to be very likeable. That includes Imogene, who just doesn't seem to have much character at all to me, but whom I would imagine would play a lead role in another season. (That said, the karaoke scene—though perhaps a bit too long—did warm me to Anna and Tripp just a little bit.)

I'm curious about where the Rufus being a fraud thing goes, because we have seen him do actual detective work on the show. I wonder if it will end up being a double bluff or something like that, though I'm not sure who he's bluffing.
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I also liked the karaoke scene! It's partially that Anna is the hub for so many storylines, and partially credit to the actress playing her, but she does feel like a character who has a full interior life going on, even if it's not an especially sympathetic one. I wish they'd let the fight between her and Imogene play out a bit longer.

Do we know who Imogene's dad is? That seems like potential shocking revelation fodder somewhere down the line.
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We're just going with it at this point to see how it wraps us, but this show doesn't make any sense at all.

Why is the Interpol agent suddenly a sexual masochist? Who are all the extras on the ship and why are they there? How can a forensic accountant magically read a date that has been smudged off a one-page receipt? Why does Viktor Sams need an entire ship's worth of servers just for some blackmail videos? Why are the governor and the preacher even on the ship in the first place? Why do we need gratuitous sex scenes in a mystery show? Are we going for a White Lotus vibe?
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I don't get why anyone isn't suspecting papa collier. In the show, I mean. Do they know they're in a murder mystery and can therefore discount the obvious suspect?
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Why is the Interpol agent suddenly a sexual masochist?

Are we so certain that she is actually an Interpol agent?

Rufus may be a fraud, but there’s also definitely a fake-it-til-you-make-it thing going on.

I almost felt like the karaoke bit came from a cast party, except for the fact that it fit so well in the actual storyline.
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