Fallen Leaves (2023)
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The story of two lonely people who meet each other by chance in the Helsinki night and try to find the first, only, and ultimate love of their lives. Their path towards this honorable goal is clouded by the man's alcoholism, lost phone numbers, not knowing each other's names or addresses, and life's general tendency to place obstacles in the way of those seeking their happiness.

This is probably the kindest of Aki Kaurismäki's movies but it's still a lot of incredibly dry humor and bleak weirdness. There is a very cute dog in it.

It's not a rom-com in the traditional sense but more that I think Kaurismäki thought he made a rom-com.

I do recommend it, but if you watch this and like it, just uh, maybe proceed with caution with some of Aki Kaurismäki's other movies.
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Thanks for the warning, I loved this and just got notified his Proletariat Trilogy is waiting for me at the library.
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This was the selection as a Secret Movie Screening at our local indie cinema last autumn. (Essentially: a fundraiser for new projectors; a certain amount donated nabbed you four passes to the Secret Movie Screening.)

I was completely unfamiliar with this filmmaker. I could not have gone in more cold. But it was a charming movie and felt so real, but in a way, so familiar. Highly recommend.
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Just saw this and liked it! A good sweet little story and amusingly dry. I think my favorite line is Ansa fast-talking, "I am his sister..... in faith." The banter between the guy and his friend at the beginning is good, too.

Laughing ruefully that The Dead Don't Die is the movie they're watching on the poster.

Really liked the Maustetytöt song.

Apparently I have seen another Aki Kaurismäki movie, The Man Without a Past, which yeah is more bleak.
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