Person of Interest: Guilty
February 15, 2015 1:25 PM - Season 4, Episode 14 - Subscribe

While on a jury for a murder trial, Finch becomes suspicious of another juror; Reese starts to open up to a therapist.
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Nina Sharp!

Blair Brown is great. I hope they bring her on again sometime. One of the show's best tricks (and one they should use more often) is the reappearing network of people the team has helped before. In this vein, it was nice seeing Zoe back. Though her "Of course you and I will never let anyone in and will always be alone" speech was depressing.

What are the odds that the shrink is part of a honey trap?
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Six to five and pick 'em. On the one hand she's incredibly unsuspicious of Reese's behavior, but on the other she outright says shit like "You're not a cop" which you wouldn't expect her to say if she were working for Samaritan. I'm kind of hoping she's not a spy, because Reese needs some character development away from lone wolf badass.
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Fusco is a little harder than everyone gave him credit for. But what about his kid?
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Yes, the part where he has a kid is a good-ish reason at least to be wanting to keep him out of the line of fire.

I though Blair Brown was adorable in this (willing to jump off a building to thwart that guy? Wow, you're hardcore, lady) and I would love it if she was brought back in that way. Though beats me what she'd do, not sure what area of expertise she could help them with short of smuggling Harold in as a substitute grade school teacher--which could be amusing in a torturous sort of way, I suppose. God knows they need some girls on the team again, it's now down to the same small sausagefest they started out with. Still kinda wish Zoe was a more frequent visitor, but I guess she's occupied on some other show I'm not watching.

I don't get what is with the shrink at all. That can't end well.
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I just looked up Paige Turco on iMDb to see what other show she was on. And I saw she was fifty years old.Ho-leeee shiiii-iiiit. GOOD FOR HER. GOOD FOR HER.

I guess I more or less knew this since she was a star twenty odd years ago, starring as April O'Neill in the original Ninja Turtles movies.
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Yeah, this episode reminds me of why I drifted away from the series to begin with. I am just not interested in Reese's character. That raspy Batman voice, the wooden acting. Looks great in a suit but that's about it. It's missing the sparky Root-Shaw dynamic and the latter actress will be out for a while--I really hope we're not in for a weekly brief scenes with her in bed or otherwise disguised--and Harold can't carry the series on his own.
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There was a character listed in the credits as "Asinine Pundit". Hee!

It was nice to see Zoe pop up again. And Blair Brown was excellent, despite her contempt for knitting (huff). There are so many compelling, interesting guest character roles on this show, and I'm always hoping to see some of them in future episodes. By the way, whatever happened to that little girl Harold took on as his ward? Once he had to go into hiding he no longer had access to his capital, so would her tuition have been paid at school?
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