AEW Collision: March 2, 2024 (& Rampage March 1)
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Whoops, haha, the two week gap was definitely not that I forgot that Collision was only skipping one week due to sports instead of two weeks! It's the go-home show for Revolution, so tonight we get teased and teased.

RAMPAGE -- March 1

Claudio Castignoli defeated Rugido
"Rugido goes for the ground game quickly, but Castignoli locked on a crossfrace quickly before an escape. Castignoli stomped away before working on the arm for a bit and then landing a slingshot into the throat of Rugido for two. Rugido sent him down on the floor with an Asai moonsault with ease. Claudio recovered and landed a corner uppercut before a lariat for two. Rugido landed a snap powerslam for two. Claudio avoided a cross armbreaker and locked on the giant swing instead that gets two. The Neutralizer is applied and Castignoli earns a pre-Revolution win!

Post-match, Castignoli hits him low and Magnus makes a save while Castignoli ran away triumphant."
Lance Archer and The Righteous defeat Anaya, Vaught, and Luke Langley
"Vincent snapped his way out of a tie-up attempt before a flying forearm and a snap flatliner. Dutch is tagged in to club away and land a slick gutwrench powerbomb. Langley gets tagged in and eats a black hole slam before Archer tagged in to clothesline Vaught. Anaya ate the run-up cutter from the Righteous and the Blackout from Archer won the day for this new trios team that feels tailor-made for the ROH Six-Man Titles."
Riho defeated Trish Adora
"...A mid-ring crossbody from Riho is met with a powerslam into a twisting Irish curse for two. During the break, Adora dealt out some damage with an over the knee submission and kicks to the spine of a seated Riho. Adora continued the assault on the back by catching Riho during a headscissor attempt and landed a side backbreaker. Riho finally got the crossbody for two and fired up enough to get the deja vu flying headscissor. Riho's dragon suplex was countered by her larger foe, but the northern lights suplex got 2. Riho landed a slick crucific bomb for 2 before the basement double knee strike landed and got a win for the inaugural AEW Women's World Champion!"
The date between Cool Hand Angelo and Ruby Soho is interrupted by Saraya, Harley Cameron, and Saraya's brother Zak Knight, who uses a cosh upside Angelo's head. What did you expect when you invited Alex Marvez and the camera crew with you?

Magnus defeated Matt Sydal and Advances to the Revolution All-Star Scramble
"This was a fine showcase for Magnus, who worked as an effective heel and goes onto the all-star scramble on Revolution."
COLLISION -- March 2

Mark Briscoe interrupted Buddy Matthews on his way out to "a singles match" and eventually wound up fighting the entire House of Black 3-on-1, but succesfully! He got his hands on the stage pyro controls and nearly set up Matthews to take a firebolt to the face before security stopped him.

All-Star Scramble Qualifying Match – Dante Martin defeated Bryan Keith and Penta El Zero Miedo to get the last spot in Revolution's 8-Man match tomorrow.
You watch that video and tell me Dante hasn't somehow learned to double-jump IRL.
Mariah May defeated Angelica Risk
"I've quickly become sold on Mariah May. Her work is snug and heavy, a little reminiscent of Jamie Hayter. The segment after was a fine go-home segment for the Women's Title match. The most notable part of this match was Nigel McGuinness fainting after May blew him a kiss. May obliterated Risk with a running knee before hitting Mayday to score her fourth straight win of the year."

Mariah May is getting ignored by Toni Storm on a whole extra level now, and I have to believe this figures into the finish at Revolution tomorrow, thought I still think Toni still leaves as champ.
Bang Bang Scissor Gang (Anthony Bowens, Austin Gunn & Max Caster) (w/Billy Gunn, Colten Gunn & Jay White) defeated The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno & John Silver)
Two memos that bear repeating: (1) The entire trios titles of both AEW and ROH are cold fish right now, so if Acclaimed and Bullet Club Gold aren't going to fight each other AND no one else stands a chance against them, what the heck are we doing here? (2) Stop making Dark Order look weak, I beg you.
Wardlow came out to cut a promo that was mostly repeating what he said earlier. Chris Jericho came out and said a bunch of stuff and sort of stumbled around the stage a little? Then Wardlow repeated what he'd already said, and Powerhouse Hobbs ran out and wiped out Jericho but left Wardlow alone in the ring. This whole segment could have been 50% shorter. Although it does intrigue me that this 8-man scramble could become 6 people fighting each other and these two kaiju walloping each other separately.

Serena Deeb had a backstage promo where she declared herself the "Final Boss" and somewhere an alarm light started flashing on Mercedes Moné's instrument panel.

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) defeated Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal
"They lost a lot of time due to injury, but Private Party is still a cold act. Much like the Dark Order, they feel like guys who got left behind as AEW evolved. [...] Daniels dropped Kassidy with an STO. Sydal tagged in and ran wild but got outnumbered. Private Party hit a double team senton on Sydal for a nearfall before Daniels tagged in. The match turned into a Pier Six brawl before Daniels hit the Angel’s Wings on Quen. Jeff Jarrett and his crew came to the ring to distract the referee, allowing Jay Lethal to hit Daniels with the Lethal Combination. Quen got the cover and the win, thanks to their partners on tomorrow’s Zero Hour."

Strong disagree with Mr. Wrestling Observer. Private Party got good offense here, and if the crowd appeared cold, bear in mind that Dynamite, Rampage and Collision were all taped together this week so the crowd might be a little tuckered out. Still, it looked like the audience liked Private Party's antics, plus Matt Sydal can still bust out a standing twisting moonsault out of nowhere, good grief.
Thunder Rosa defeated Cassandra Golden
Rosa showed up with new music and new golden glittering gear to fight Ms. Golden, so a friend joked that this match is sponsored by Jurassic 5. She got the win in 3 minutes and told the camera someone was "gonna get burned."
Brian Cage, Roderick Strong, Christian Cage & Killswitch (w/Nick Wayne, Prince Nana & Shayna Wayne) defeated Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, Daniel Garcia & Hook
Seven out of these eight men have something to do at Revolution, so poor poor Trent has to take the pin. How am I supposed to take Best Friends OR The Dark Order seriously anymore?
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It’s been pointed out to me that the funny dance Christopher Daniels does when he’s mocking Private Party includes his old “friend” Curry Man!

I had no idea about this, because I may be a wrestling nerd but I’m not a “remember watching TNA in 2008” wrestling nerd.
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