All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: March 6, 2024
March 6, 2024 4:06 PM - Season 5, Episode 23 - Subscribe

It's the aftermath of Revolution, and the show celebrates with a new show logo and a brand new set with the heel and face tunnels returning! Will Ospreay takes on another Callis Family brother, Hook defends the FTW title against a man twice his size, and Riho faces Kris Statlander.

The announced show card is kinda thin, but here it is:

--Will Ospreay vs. Kyle Fletcher

--The Young Bucks to make a "huge announcement", probably related to the now-vacant AEW tag titles

--Kris Statlander vs. Riho

--We'll hear from Darby Allin (who will face Jay White next week, assuming he is medically cleared)

--FTW Champion Hook defends against Brian Cage
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Judging by where Swerve and later Samoa Joe come into the arena, I guess the face/heel tunnels on Dynamite have switched sides.
posted by The Pluto Gangsta at 5:10 PM on March 6

Somewhere Teddy Long is smiling. The impromptu tag match is nice, but should we seriously believe Wardlow can take the title off Joe next week?
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Hangman is fired from The Elite? Is this how we make the Dark Order into a real heel threat?
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I was wandering around the site, looking in the parts I rarely travel, and lo and behold here’s a post about wrestling! And AEW, at that! And specifically on this episode, I have some thoughts on the presentation:

- I like the new logo and identity, with the colours throwing back to the first few years of the show (and, if you’re an old like me, the early ’90s look for Wrestling Challenge). I think the motion graphics on the security railing behind the ring are a bit busy, and I’m glad they turned off the ‘motion’ bit as the show progressed.
- The tunnels are back, baby! Now with giant ring lights! I don’t know about the ‘we found these in a skip’ plastic trellising behind them.
- Not a fan of the white ropes. Save them for the PPVs if you must, but really, the black ropes look much better.
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lo and behold here’s a post about wrestling!

Yes indeed! I've been posting Dynamite in FanFare for about two-and-a-half years now. I created Collision as a separate show last year because back when CM Punk was with the company it looked like the two shows would have two non-overlapping rosters. Generally the Dynamite posts go up pre-show, and I try with Collision as well, but if I put them up post-show then I include excerpts from the Wrestling Observer write-up.
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