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Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo's funny, charming and very queer story of Sabi, a gender non-conforming Pakistani-Canadian figuring out their life in Toronto, finishes up with eight 20-minute episodes in the final season. Note: the decision to end the series came from the creators. Changes come for Sabi, Aqsa, Wolf, 7ven and the rest of the crew. On HBO in the US.

From Bilal Baig:

"We're aware that series like ours, shows that feature queer and trans characters, tend to get cancelled early on, and we know that's been happening a lot recently," Baig was quoted as saying in the release. "We want to say that's not what's going down here. We made this third season knowing it would be our last."

Another quote about the ending (spoilers for the season in the rest of this one):

When Fab [Filippo] and I were throwing around what we thought the third season could be about, it just felt like, narratively, we were reaching a pretty satisfying ending...we never imagined that it was going to go on forever, because it’s such a slice-of-life show. I didn’t want it to start to feel false. When too much happens, it starts to feel like, Really? This person is going through all of this? So there was something that really felt right about ending it now.
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I'll miss this show so much; the 3rd season was honest, cute, hilarious, heartwrenching and life-affirming. I wasn't a fan of The Kiss at the end of season 2, so I'm glad it wasn't a massively huge plot point for the whole season. I loved to see Sabi setting firm boundaries; the confrontations between Bessy and the folks protecting Sabi at their dad's 40-day funeral memorial were so powerful and touching (go 7ven!).

I do understand Baig's "Really? This person is going through all of this?" concern about adding another season; there were a few of those moments in Season 3 that at first felt slightly contrived for me (Aqsa's sudden pregnancy and marriage, Paul's eating disorder, 7ven's moving in, maybe even Sabi hiding their medical issues) but those passed quickly because they were handled well in funny, thoughtful ways that felt right for the characters.

I loved Deenzie quietly picking up on Sabi's changes, being "the worst Yoda" and the best at the same time. I thought the relationship between Wolf and Sabi had a realistic crisis, and liked the way the Bessy/Paul storyline wound up. I actually cared about Paul throughout this season, which surprised me. I'll stop by saying the dialogue is great, the editing is tight but the feel of the show is very loose (how do they do that?!) and the musical choices sweet but not cloying, and if the 3rd season doesn't quite hit the heights of the first, it's still one of the most delightfully interesting shows I've seen in the last few years, up there with Hacks and The Bear in quality.
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