"Til Death" analysis video
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I never even heard of the apparently unlamented show "Til Death," and it doesn't sound like it deserves its own FanFare writeup, but this deep dive into season 4 (its last), by the creator of Ironic Sans, will probably appeal to folks with an interest in how showbiz works and folks with an interest in meta weirdness.

Shamelessly ganked from Andy Baio's Mastodon feed.
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I seem to recall a good article/commentary written on the AV Club -- back when the AV Club had writers and commentary -- which took up the same premise: that knowing the fourth season was the final, the writers just decided to go balls-out crazy similar to those final episodes of Moonlighting.
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Nice find. That explains why there were times when I never knew what was going on with the show. I caught a number of season four episodes, but somehow missed the animated one.

I can't say I ever sat down to watch this deliberately but it, like Two-and-half Men, 'Til Death is one of those shows that elderly relatives watched in syndicated reruns, which means I've sat through a fair number of episodes along with them. Yes, the show is pretty much sitcom by the numbers, but the main actors are pros at the genre, which makes it almost tolerable to watch.

I think even in syndication, they maintained the out-of-order airing.
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