Road House (2024)
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[TRAILER] Ex-UFC fighter Dalton (Jake Gyllenhaal) takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse, only to discover that this paradise is not all it seems.

Also starring Daniela Melchior, Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams, Joaquim de Almeida, Austin Post, Conor McGregor, Lukas gage, Post Malone.

Directed by Doug Liman. Screenplay by Anthony Bagarozzi, Charles Mondry. Story by Anthony Bagarozzi, Charles Mondry, David Lee Henry. Based on the 1989 film/screenplay Road House by David Lee Henry, Hilary Henkin. Produced by Joel Silver for Amazon/MGM. Cinematography by Henry Braham. Edited by Doc Crotzer. Music by Christophe Beck.

67% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

An Amazon original. And here's a JustWatch link in case it plays somewhere different where you are.
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I am extremely looking forward to this. It’s going to be a hard line to walk - Roadhouse was so ridiculous, and it’s only achieved cult status BECAUSE it is ridiculous but sincere, so how do you re-make it?
posted by bq at 2:19 PM on March 21 [2 favorites]

Yeah, I'm with bq. Excited but hesitant. It seems like the first one was just about a perfect movie (perfect does not necessarily mean "good", although the original was also a good movie), and so I have a hard time believing that a remake is necessary.

Also, Gyllenhaal is a big enough dude, which ruins some of the best lines from the original. As Conor McGregor stands on tiptoe and still has to look up at Gyllenhaal, he whispers "I thought you'd be bigger."
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I need Dalton to join season 3 of Reacher. I'd watch them two boys aw shucks grin their way into world war 3.

I am enjoying this sort of modernized western revival amazon seems to be doing.
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I kinda miss the alternate reality from the original where bouncers were the most famous people in the world.
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Yeah, a huge part of the charm for me with OG Roadhouse was that it's clearly set in an alternate reality where bouncers are celebrities; I feel like we're always one zoom-out away from seeing that elections are decided with moped races, distance spitting is an Olympic sport, and diplomacy takes place through complex arrays of high-fives and fist-bumps. The goony surreal world of it is a huge part of the fun for me. Making Dalton 'plausible' by having him be an MMA fighter kind of takes me out of it all.
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It kind of ruins the effect of NYU philosophy grad Dalton coming up with lines like "pain don't hurt" when he is just an ex MMA fighter. I mean former ufc guy becomes bouncer is like the boringest possible backstory I've ever heard.
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Remaking Road House is like remaking Point Break or Total Recall. Even the flaws in those pictures are perfect. You're never going to do better than a perfect original. There's nowhere to go but down.
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This was actually pretty good? McGregor's entrance was phenomenal. Pleasantly surprised by the diversity in the casting. All of the musicians in the roadhouse seem so cool. Having Dalton be a middleweight (fighting at 185lbs, walking around at probably 205-210ish) is very funny against McGregor, who did his best work at featherweight (145lbs, walking around at probably 170), and also explains why McGregor has been joking that he will be returning to fighting in his mega-roided form at middleweight.

Obviously a very messy film but yeah, better than I thought it would be.
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I doubt we'll be singing about a Jake Gyllenhaal Christmas this year.
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Bwa ha ha ha this was like 5 times better than it had any right to be! Those were the most adorable bad guys ever. Plus the music and the costumes were A+. They really wrote the role to Gyllenhal’s strengths. He reminded me of The Dude (except for the psychopathic violence). Props to wardrobe in particular for Knox’s purple hulk pants.
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Patric Swayze Christmas
posted by AlSweigart at 5:28 AM on March 27

I need to hunt for the original if it's even more gonzo than this, and this I enjoyed tremendously. I'm really enjoying how Doug Liman uses the camera for action and its centre of gravity, but it must mean such a grueling shoot - even with cg-assisted edits his entire workflow must be insane. I've only seen three of his movies so I should hunt down others.

Gyllenhaal's entire vibe is used very well. In a more just world, this should have gone to have a theatrical run and a movie soundtrack climbing up the charts.
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