3 Body Problem: Red Coast   Books Included 
March 26, 2024 5:46 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Auggie's countdown jeopardizes her nanotech work. Jin becomes engrossed in an otherworldly VR game. Ye Wenjie follows through on a radical idea.
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The VR headset is just ostentatious CG.

Inside the VR world seems like they were deliberately making it a little bad? Ugly lazy Volume work.
posted by sixswitch at 9:39 PM on March 26 [1 favorite]

The headset CG is still too shiny. Not enough patina. Path tracing feels week. (lol, jk)

I'm certain that the VR world was low rez on purpose so teh n00bs knows that it's a simulation.
posted by porpoise at 1:21 AM on March 27 [1 favorite]

That is, viewers new to the genre and tropes thereof of science (or speculative) fiction.
posted by porpoise at 1:29 AM on March 27

Yes it does feel very much like the CG was shot on The Volume. It felt like the uncanny valley effect was perfect choice story telling wise.
posted by mmascolino at 3:42 PM on March 28

Someone needs to do a cut of this where they put on the futuristic VR helmets and the game graphics are from Ultima running on an Apple II.
posted by zippy at 9:28 AM on April 1

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